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Bad KTM experience and Rottweiler’s solution.

By 04.03.2020March 12th, 20203 Comments

I want to end my ‘bad KTM dealer experience’-story on a positive note. So here’s my final post about the KTM fuel filter & fuel pump drama.

Chris from Rottweiler Performance who came to the rescue

Bad experience with my KTM dealer

As you can read here my fuel pump failed well within the warranty period. Stuff can go wrong but KTM simply did not take responsibility. They told me it was my own fault for living in a rural area. What the heck? Unfortunately the LC8 fuel pump is a well known weakness in the 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure. KTM Mexico refused to fix this :(. After many messages I sent to KTM Global, which were all ignored I had to find a solution myself.

Rottweiler Performance

Ron from Southern California based Rottweiler Performance came to the rescue. He sent me a brand spanking new HFP Fuel Pump Installation Kit which I had installed last week. My motorcycle is as new again. No more riding in two gears too high, no more canceled overtakes and no more unplanned breaks to let the fuel pump cool off.

Ron and Chris over at Rottweiler Performance are easy to reach out to, knowledgeable and eager to help. They offer the high performance HFP fuel pumps with lifelong warranty for the KTM 690 and the KTM 990-1290.

I love my KTM, it is a great machine and because I fixed her only known weakness, I fell in love with her again. She seems to be more willing to put her best foot forward and I really trust her a lot more than before. This is part of the reason I think I will take her out for a weekend long ride this coming Friday. More on that later 🙂

Top Cases

Now that this is finally over, I am thinking of adding an aluminum 40ish liter top case to make long trips more comfortable. I cannot choose between a GIVI and SW-MOTECH. Price wise there is not much difference. SW-MOTECH is slightly more expensive but is it also more durable? What do you recommend and why?


  • Jim says:

    I have experience with both brands. Whole both are good, I do personally prefer the materials SW-MOTEC use, they are a bit heavier but the durability is superb.

  • Jasper says:

    Thanks Jim!

  • Gerry says:

    You should have bought a Honda and save yourself all this aggravation and extra cost.
    But if you like complicated relationships…

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