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2 crazy, highly limited bikes you may never see in your life

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I’m talking about two very futuristic looking motorcycles that are so exclusive that, at best, only a dozen will be made of them. Both are made in France, one boasts a 200hp Yamaha R1 engine and the other is equipped with a 100hp/240NM electric motor that will shoot the bike from 0-100 in under 3 seconds. I’ll start with the petrol one.

The Lazareth LM410

The Lazareth LM410 is not your average two-wheeler. In fact, it’s a four-wheeler.

For its previous creation, Lazareth used a Maserati engine, which makes this R1 equipped motorbike look a bit more like a conventional bike. But make no mistake, the Lazareth LM410 is anything but normal. The bike doesn’t need a side-stand and must have quite an interesting handling if you’re used to taking curves on two wheels. Its hinged axles allow it to lean into a turn, but a locking system keeps it steady at a stop.

The bike is road legal in France and will set you back about EUR 100,000 ($112,000).

The Newron EV-1

The second bike is something that looks like a hipster’s dream come true. Just as the Lazareth, the Newron EV-1 stands out from the crowd, with its wooden panels, futuristic looking engine and sharp lines. The EV-1 is available in 4 different types of wood, just like your IKEA closet.

Newron has equipped its ‘’electric power cruiser’’ with a 75 kW PMAC engine, providing 240 Nm of torque, which is available right from the start. 0-100 goes in less than 3 seconds, and the bike’s top-speed is limited at about 220 km/h, enough to amaze everyone at the traffic light. 

Users can charge the EV-1’s battery for 80% in just about 40 minutes (with a fast-charging plug), which is similar to the Zero SR/S which we reviewed in last week’s MIR. The company claims that the battery will last about 300 km (186mi) in the city, and about 80km less on the highway.

The EV-1 has onboard navigation, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth to connect smartphones. It will be quite a bit cheaper than the Lazareth LM410, and comes in at about EUR 60,000 ($65,000).

Drooling hipsters and futurists can now preorder the bike for just EUR 2000. The first ones are set to be delivered somewhere in 2021.



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