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Highspeed Offroad Cornering

By 02.03.20203 Comments

If you’re like me, mostly riding on tarmac, you might find yourself sitting in the saddle with “your but cheeks pinched together” when you hit that planned or unplanned dirt road on your route. That is, a little bit tense and perhaps afraid to drop your bike.

Highspeed Offroad Cornering Technique

If you, like me, as soon as the road starts to bend, slow down to a near stop and then slowly, without leaning the bike, take the corner, then you’re definitely not using the right technique 😉 In that case, take a look at below video. Heck, even if you are not that scared but would like to do some more highspeed offroad cornering, have a look at this great video by MOTOTREK.

In this video, Dusty, a professional motorcycle instructor, explains what to do and what not to do before, during and after taking a highspeed offroad corner.

Hope you find this video as useful as I did. Of course, watching a video does not increase your riding skills, so go and practice all the tips and tricks that Dusty gives us in this video.



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