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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – Dec 13th 2019

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As we’re nearing the end of 2019 Tom, Jasper and I look back on an eventful year: Scenic 2 was released, receiving great reviews. Moto Intel Report continued to bring us, and hopefully you, a lot of writing and reading pleasure. And on a personal level we enjoyed some nice motorcycle trips.

In the next year we aim to continue this stretch: I will continue to develop Scenic 2 based on your suggestions and feedback, Scenic for Android is in the works, aiming for an end of 2020 release and we will continue Moto Intel Report of course. If all this allows for some free time, we’ll do some more motorcycle trips as well 🙂

FLTR: Guido, Tom, Jasper

In this year’s last Moto Intel Report Tom reviews the SP-Connect Motorcycle Phone mount, Jasper vents his experience with KTM Service and I explain why Scenic does not (yet???) support Apple CarPlay. Lastly we introduce you to the all new Scenic Motorcycle Store 🙂

Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…


SP-Connect Motorcycle Phone Mount

Mobile phone mounts are quickly gaining in popularity, and for a good reason. Back in the day, big motorcycle navigation units like the Garmin Zumo and TomTom Rider were the only things you’d mount on your handlebar. With the rise of motorcycle navigation- and other useful apps while on the go, this has shifted towards mobile phone mounting.

For a long time, I’ve been hesitant to install a phone mount on my handlebar, mostly because I was scared to damage my phone, or have it stolen at a traffic light in Mexico-City. But, about a month ago I started using the SP Connect Moto Bundle phone mount, which comes with some handy phone cases. The SP Connect black phone case is a great, anti-slip phone case that doesn’t make your phone much thicker and fits easily in your pocket. It only takes 1 minute to fit the mount on your handle bar. The phone case is then attached to the mount by turning it 90 degrees. Thus far, I haven’t had any issue with it. The mount looks slick and professional and the phone just blends in nicely with the motorcycle. I’ve used it both on-road and off-road. The phone sits secure, and hasn’t sustained any damage.

My only concern has been the rotating mechanism on the back of the phone case. The plastic on the back of the case could start to wear if the case isn’t attached in exactly the right way. While the SP Connect certainly isn’t the cheapest phone mount on the market, it sure is a sturdy, well designed product with a minimalist design that combines with nearly every motorcycle. The bundle comes with the phone case, a weather case and the mount.

Scenic users can use the code SCENIC15 to get a 15% discount on the SP Connect website.


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KTM Service

The KTM fuel pump saga continues: In July I bought a brand new KTM Adventure 1090 S and 3000 kilometers (1850 miles) later, in October, I had fuel pump failure. It is widely known to be a KTM problem, but KTM Mexico unfortunately did not pick this up correctly. I had to pay to get it fixed (under warranty), and when I complained with KTM Global I got zero response. I am very disappointed and would not recommend buying a KTM to anyone at this moment.

The thing that bothers me most is that when I initially sent the video of the failure notification to the dealer he told me it was not the fuel pump but the filters that were probably dirty. He seemed to know this without even looking at the bike. After waiting in the showroom for a few hours the manager asked me to come up to the garage where he showed me a transparent jar with dirt and even little pebbles in it. I did not see it come out of my motorcycle. The dealer claimed my Guglatech fuel filter only filters leaves and not things like sand. After checking with Guglielmo from Guglatech, he ensured me his filters absolutely filter everything I saw in that jar.

Bottom line is I am an unhappy customer that gets no response when I communicate this with KTM. It would be very classy if they managed to pick this up correctly.


Scenic Store

For 2020 we decided to try something new: We opened a store where you can buy Scenic branded materials and T-shirts with funny one-liners about motorcycling. By purchasing something from the store you not only get a nice product, but you also support us in our efforts to keep this newsletter going.

Don’t have a Christmas gift yet? Perhaps one of the products in our store might be a good idea. And, if not already seen, here are some more ideas for motorcycle Christmas gifts.


CarPlay support for Scenic 2

I’ve received many MANY requests to add CarPlay support for Scenic. The new Africa Twin supporting CarPlay has a big role in this I’m sure. More and more motorcycle brands are adding CarPlay support to their new models, so I have no doubt that requests will continue to come in over time.

Here’s the thing: CarPlay Apps are editorially selected by Apple. I’ve requested Apple to consider Scenic for CarPlay multiple times, and will continue to submit requests. So far, however, Scenic has not been selected. So, unfortunately, whether or not Scenic will ever support CarPlay depends entirely on Apple. Of course, if and when they decide to select Scenic for CarPlay, development will begin ASAP.

How you can help? Well, I’m actually not sure IF this is going to help, but it’s worth a shot. Leave some feedback for Apple. As Feedback Type select ‘Feature Request’ and enter something like “I would like to have CarPlay support for the app ‘Scenic Motorcycle Navigation‘”. Perhaps add some additional comments about why you’d like that. E.g. that you are using it in your car too and/or that your motorcycle supports CarPlay but you can’t use your favourite motorcycle navigation app on there.

My hope is, with enough of this feedback, Apple will consider Scenic for CarPlay. Thanks for your help!


Pic of the week

Unexpected View

This beautiful picture was sent in by Ellen. It was taken in Ohanes, Almería, Spain and pictures their BMW K1600GT and R1250GSA in front of a stunning view. “We were riding on this street and suddenly we arrived to this point where you have this great view. Just stopped and enjoyed it for some minutes. No traffic at all….”

What’s your beautiful / crazy / funny motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. Check out all pics here.



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