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Import Google Maps Routes into MotoMap

By 26.07.2014June 21st, 20175 Comments

**** UPDATE JULY 16, 2015 ****

It’s now much easier to create routes. Read this blog post (incl “how to” video) to see how.


This video shows you how you can import a Google Maps Route into MotoMap in just 3 steps.

***** UPDATE July 1st, 2015 *****
As of June 25, 2015 Google blocked the feature enabling track creating from their URL. I found another way of doing this, quite similar to the Google Maps way. Please see here for the video on it.


BIG THANK YOU to Rod who posted this as a comment to my other blog article “3 ways to import GPX files into MotoMap” and Sam who also pointed out the importance for Motorcycle Riders to be able to do this.




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  • Thomas says:

    Useful video! If you think a free converter tool might be helpful, I suggest to try this one with no installation required. Cheers!

  • Sumit Dhar says:

    FYI, google appears to have blocked conversion from the map URL. gpsconverter tells you this if you try converting from an URL.

  • Thanks for the heads up Sumit. I’ve pasted a comment on the video and an update to the blog post.

    I’m creating a workaround for this which I’m hoping to have ready mid july.

  • Sumit Dhar says:

    Thanks for the new post. I really like how responsive you are to your user base. While I have your attention, is there a way to have MotoMap run in landscape mode on the iPhone?

  • Hi Sumit,

    Thanks 🙂 Trying to answer all emails/comments as soon as I see them and if not possible at least within 24 hours.

    Unfortunately MotoMap does not support landscape mode. Because of the way MotoMap has been developed it would be quite some work to change this.

    The new app I’m working on (see my other blog entries if you haven’t seen them already) will support landscape mode.


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