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NEW: Create routes from using Furkot

By 16.07.2015June 21st, 2017One Comment

Cooperation between Furkot and MotoMappers

I’m very happy to announce a cooperation between Furkot and MotoMappers. For those of you unfamiliar with Furkot; Furkot is an online road trip planner. It can help you plan your trip to the tiniest detail including attractions, meals, pit stops, hotels etc. if you want.

Furkot and MotoMappers are working closely together to integrate their services to provide an even better experience for you. In the near future it will be possible to add your Furkot trips directly to MotoMappers and MotoMap so you can start navigating them immediately.

Integration has already started. By clicking the newly added “Create new Track” button in the member area you’ll get to a map where you can select your new route’s start point. After that click “Plan in Furkot” and you’ll be guided to the Furkot site where you can add points to your track and export it to MotoMap. See this quick 3min “how to” video if you want to know more.

In the near future MotoMap and Furkot will integrate even more. You’ll be able to seamlessly and effortlessly navigate your Furkot trips in MotoMap, without having to export and import.



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