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Create a Route in RouteConverter and import it in MotoMap

By 02.07.2015June 21st, 20174 Comments

**** UPDATE JULY 16, 2015 ****

It’s now much easier to create routes. Read this blog post (incl “how to” video) to see how.




As of June 25 Google blocked the ability to create GPX files from their URL’s. Here’s another way to create GPX files for MotoMap using the program RouteConverter (available here):

Once you have the GPX file you can import it in three different ways into MotoMap, as explained in my other blog article here.



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  • Ken says:

    Another fantastic tool is Furkot ( which I recently started using. It’s a complete trip planner to plan routes, hotels, meals, fuel stops, sites of interest, scenic roads, and has many options specifically for motorcyclists. You can export routes to GPX (and other formats) for import into MotoMap. Looking forward to turn-by-turn directions in MotoMap!

  • Dirk says:

    @Ken: Thanks for that hint, I didn’t know Furkot before.
    Here’s a site I can recommend to some extent: It is a bit more old school and straight forward than Furkot. But AFAIK it is only available in german.
    One big advantage of Furkot in the comparison: Furkot kann be used on a tablet computer as well. Now let’s be honest: It is still not really handy but you CAN plan your route on an iPad if necessary. Motorplaner needs a mouse, unfortunately.

  • Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve listened. In fact, MotoMappers and Furkot are starting an integration project where we will integrate our services more so you’ll have a seamless experience between our 2 services.

    For now, it’s already possible to plan your trip through using Furkot. Check the update above with the link.

    Thanks again and cheers,

  • Chupacabras says:

    choose ‘Send’ on the Google Maps page and send the route as an email to yourself, then drag and drop the email body from the mail program into RouteConverter

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