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Import GPX files into MotoMap – 3 ways to do it

By 07.07.2014June 21st, 201716 Comments

This article will show you how easy it is to import GPX files into MotoMap.

Before we get into the details there is one important thing to know about MotoMap and GPX files. GPX files can contain Routes, Tracks and Waypoints. MotoMap works with Tracks so a GPX that contains only Routes and/or Waypoints will not be imported. If you want to know more about this check out our Navigation Dictionary.

Now…to get into the details. Actually there are 3 ways to import GPX files into MotoMap.

1. Import GPX files by entering an URL in MotoMap

import gpx files through_urlIf you found the GPX file somewhere online and you know the direct URL to it, you can enter this URL in the “Import GPX” screen. You can get to that screen from the Ride Tab → Follow Track → Import GPX.








2. Import GPX files by “Open In” from another App

GPX files are “associated” with MotoMap on your iOS device.  Whenever you open GPX files in another app (like Mail or Dropbox for example) you can choose to Import them by “Open In” MotoMap. As an example, here’s how this works from the iOS mail app:

import gpx files through open_in_1Let’s say you received a mail with a GPX file as an attachment. By tapping on the attached GPX file the GPX file opens and you see a screen like the one on the left here. Now when tapping on the top right “Open In” icon you will see a screen slide up looking similar to the screen here on the right.import gpx files through open_in_2

Below the AirDrop section you will see a section which shows all the apps installed on your device that can open a GPX file. In this example you see that there are more apps installed that can open a GPX file. It might be that you only see MotoMap here, depending on the apps you have on your device. Now…tap “Open in MotoMap”.


Upon tapping, MotoMap will open and from there you just follow the instructions to import your GPX file.


 3. Import GPX files through

If you have your GPX file on your desktop or laptop this is by far the easiest way to import a GPX file into MotoMap. You simply go to our website’s Member Area. Your login is the same as your MotoMap login.

Go to the “Tracks” tab → “Browse Track Database”  → “Import GPX” and follow the steps. The track you import here will be added to your track list in MotoMap!

import gpx files through


That’s it. It’s that simple! If you have any more questions about importing GPX files you can send it to our support email address. We are happy to help.




Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Rod says:

    Firstly, thank you for making the effort to address this gap in the navigation app market. I appreciate the effort. I just downloaded the app but have not had a chance to ride with it but it looks promising.

    Secondly, there is a key step in the process of using MotoMap that I found is missing. Where do we get GPX files for our own routes? I found what I think is a great solution that I want to share with people in the hopes of saving other’s time.

    You can build a route with Google Maps with up to ten waypoints (a bit low, I know but I think this only works with Google Maps). You can then convert your route into a GPX file using this: Just paste in the URL from the address bar of the Google Maps page that contains your route. You will need to change one thing under the Advance Options: change Merge All Tracks to “Yes”. I also change Connect All Segments to “Yes”. This process is to resolve a limitation of MotoMap with files that contain multiple tracks.

    Once that is done, you can download the resulting GPX file save on your cell through some kind of cloud storage or email. I use Google Drive and open it in MotoMap through the Drive’s iPhone app. As the creators have said, MotoMap is associated with GPX files on the iPhone.

    Hopefully, this process will help a few people to plan their own routes and import them into MotoMap.

  • Rod. THANKS VERY MUCH. This is awesome. I created a video tutorial on it immediately.

  • Rod says:

    Guido, I’m glad I could help. As I said before, there was definitely a gap in the marketplace for navigation apps for motorcyclists that you are working to address. I am happy to do whatever I can to help you and the larger motorcycling community build better and more useful products.

    Speaking of a thin marketplace, now all I need is a good mount for my iPhone.

  • Hi Rod…I’m very happy with my lifeproof case and mount. (I have no commercial relation with lifeproof) The only disadvantage of that case is that it’s difficult to take your phone out so I always leave it on, even when the phone is in my pocket. Other disadvantage is that the more bulkier headphone plugs don’t fit the case so you’ll have to use the connecter delivered with the case. Standard headphones do fit without connector. There is a picture of my setup in the forum here: and if you didn’t see it already, some more tips here:
    Good luck with your choice!

  • Rod says:

    Guido, thanks for the advice. I checked it out and it seems a good option.

    Also, where is the best place to provide feedback on the app should I have any? Is the in-app email the best?

  • The in-app email is a good choice, but also the support link on this site (menu bar, 5th icon from the left) is fine too.

  • Bryan Law says:

    How can i build my own tracks. Thank You

  • Hi Bryan,

    I’ve written another blog article incl instruction video on this. Basically you can create your own tracks right in Google Maps on you desktop and then import it through member area (also on you desktop) and your track will show up in MotoMap on you iPhone as well.

    Here are the details:

    Hope this helps you. If not, please let me know.

    Best Regards,

  • DRTBYK says:

    Very happy to see you and have teamed up to own the Trip Planning and Mobile Navigation space for Motorcyclists!!!

  • Allen says:

    I just added 2 popular routes for the south end of Vancouver Island.
    I created them in Furkot & imported them in to Motomappers But the name does not carry through.
    It Names it Day 1 with a date
    any ideas why

  • Hi Allen,

    If you go to the Plan Tab on the Furkot Planner and then click on the day (should be only one) you have the option to add a description for that day. Furkot will use that description as Track Name.

    Alternatively you could import the GPX through the MotoMap app on your iphone (just mail it to yourself and choose “Open In” for the mail attachment). MotoMap will give you the option to change the name and description to any value you’d like.

    Also, I will be updating the website so you can also change the name and description when importing through Have not gotten around to it yet, but will let you know when it’s done.

    Hope this answers your question? If not, please let me know.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Allen,

    It took me a lot less time than expected. You now will get a popup up when you import a gpx on the website, giving you the option to change the track name and description if you want.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,

  • Rodb says:

    Good morning. Thank for creating the app. I used it this weekend and it worked great! I can’t wait until you release the version that has voice directed turns.
    One question. While riding this weekend I notice that the map was not recentering when the icon got to the edge of the iphone. I would have to hit the Zoom button to get the map to recenter. Is there a fix for the problem or did I do something wrong.

    • Hi Rodb,

      Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear that my app is used and appreciated.
      The map should automatically stay centered on your current position. The only situation I can think of that would cause the map not to do that is if you are in Overview mode. But that’s not the case I think because in Overview mode the zoom buttons are not visible. I’ll have to check this out and see if I can reproduce this issue. I have not had any other users reporting this so it seems very strange. I’ll get back to you on this. Please keep me posted if you see any changes in your next ride.

      Thanks again and best regards,

  • Raphael Leiteritz says:

    Hey Guido, I am trying to use together with MotoMap. I works great on a desktop machine (planning and then sending the GPX file to myself), but what I’d really like is to use it on the iPhone. I struggle to send/save the GPX file to open on the same iPhone (even tried Dropbox save) — any tips?

    • Hi Raphael, I don’t use kurviger myself, but you should be able to import the GPX into MotoMap. For MotoMap it’s important that its a GPX Track and not a GPX Route though. You can import it through the MotoMap WebApp or send it to yourself by email (or put it in dropbox), open it on your iPhone and then choose ‘Copy To’ MotoMap. If it’s not working don’t hesitate to contact me through the support link on top of the page.

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