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Why a Battery Charger Makes a Difference

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Based on the enjoyment our motorcycles give, it makes sense that we spend money on them the way we do. But what about less exciting maintenance items like a battery charger? 

Using the best products and keeping a regular maintenance routine protects your investment. And it means you won’t experience the disappointment of a dead battery on a perfect riding day. 

How often should I charge a motorcycle battery?

Your motorcycle battery should always be fully charged. Over time, batteries will self-discharge, even when idle. Your best bet is to charge your battery every 30 days, or – an easier option – get a smart charger that maintains your battery all the time. 

Some people think starting the bike every few weeks during the winter is good for the motorcycle, but the charging systems don’t ramp up until the motor gets fairly high (sometimes as high as 5000 RPM). So, you won’t be charging your battery sufficiently in this manner. 

What to look for in a motorcycle battery charger 

To begin, know that using a standard car charger to charge your motorcycle battery can overcharge your battery. That’s why a motorcycle battery charger is exactly what you need if you want to maintain optimum battery charge. But what kind of battery charger is best?

Certain characteristics are essential in a motorcycle battery charger. Ideally, you want a multi-stage, low-amp charger. A fully automatic maintainer is good, since it eliminates the possibility of overcharging your battery. 

Smart chargers are best

Motorcycle Battery Charger

A smart charger is your best choice overall. A smart charger collects information from the battery in computer-generated algorithms. Then the charger adjusts current and voltage based on this information. What this means for you is that your battery is charged quicker, correctly and completely. 

The smart charger holds voltage at its prime level, while reducing current to nearly nothing, which prevents overcharge even when left on for extended periods of time. 

Where can I find a good motorcycle battery charger?

BatteryStuff.com has the largest selection of top-notch battery chargers, batteries and solar panels available anywhere. All of the chargers they sell can be connected to the battery indefinitely and won’t overcharge. 

The best battery charger for your motorcycle depends on the size and voltage of your battery.

Here are some of our best motorcycle battery charger recommendations:

  • For a small battery (under 20 AH [Amp/Hrs.]), the Schauer Charge Master CM1A is a good choice. 
  • For larger batteries (in the 21-30 AH range), look at the Noco Genius G-3500
  • To prolong battery life, the PulseTech XC100-P is a great desulfating charger for a powersport battery

These are just a few of options they offer. BatteryStuff.com has batteries for all of the leading motorcycle brands. They’ve tried and tested every product we sell and only offer the best. 

Don’t let a dead battery come between you and a ride. Make battery maintenance part of your routine. If you have questions regarding motorcycle batteries or battery chargers, BatteryStuff.com offers technical support. Visit their site or give them a callat 541.474.4421.



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