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Scenic MIR – EICMA Special – Nov 8, 2019

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Nov 8, 2019

It’s EICMA time! For those of you living under a rock, EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale del Ciclo, Motociclo, Accessori) is the worlds biggest motorcycle show, hosted yearly in Milan.

The show is packed with big motorcycle brands unveiling their newest models, aftermarket suppliers showing off their latest products and accessory companies exhibiting their all new gadgets. This makes EICMA one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, news event in the motorcycle industry.

In the last few days Jasper, Tom and myself have been scouring through the EICMA news which has been spreading like wildfire in the motorcycle corner of the internet. It’s simply too much to cover in a newsletter though, so we made a selection of news we liked (and news we were disappointed in) and provided links to more news. Next to that we have a recommendation for those of you putting your bikes in winter storage. Some think that running your bike every few weeks for 20 minutes or so is enough to keep your battery in good shape. It’s not!

Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…


2020 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 & 1050 XT

The 2020 V-Strom, with its angular design, looks just a little different from its predecessor, but the engine and electronics have been upgraded quite a bit. Although the V-Twin keeps its 1037cc capacity, it now churns out 13 horses more, rising up to 105 bhp. The 2020 model also gets a big electronics update with cruise control, traction control with four sensitivity modes, three riding modes, and the Easy Start System that makes start-ups quick and easy. In the braking area the XT model gets the Motion Track Brake System, which prevents mid-corner braking kick back, provides slope control and hill hold.

As in previous years, Suzuki offers two models (OK, officially three). The normal 1050, the XT and the XT Adventure, the 1050 being the street oriented version. The main differences between the 1050 and the XT models are the available colors, the wheels and the electronics package. Just like previous years, the non-XT gets cast alloy wheels, while the XT gets wired spokes. Next to that the normal 1050 has to miss out on some of the fancy electronics like Cruise Control and the Motion Track Brake System. The XT adventure is the same as the XT, but comes with aluminium panniers and heated grips.

For more details have a look at this article by motorcyclist.


Why a Battery Charger Makes a Difference

Your motorcycle battery should always be fully charged to prevent permanent battery damage. Over time, batteries will self-discharge, even when idle. Your best bet is to charge your battery every 30 days, or – an easier option – get a smart charger that maintains your battery all the time. Some people think starting the bike every few weeks during the winter is good for the motorcycle, but the charging systems don’t ramp up until the motor gets in the fairly high revs (sometimes as high as 5000 RPM). So, you won’t be charging your battery sufficiently in this manner. This blog article, provided by lays out the do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping your battery in good shape!

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2020 Kawasaki Z650

For Naked enthusiasts this might just be a dream come true. The 2020 Kawasaki Z650 and the Z650ABS with new bells and whistles are what Kawasaki calls ‘fresh iteration’ of a popular model. Their ‘sugomi’ philosophy – a doctrine in which every engineering addition comes with a styling benefit – has clearly been applied in this new model. New headlights and edgier and sharper shrouds make it look very avant-garde. Still a very good commuter in town and for trips, solo or with your significant other. What is very impressive is the new multifunction color TFT display with items like a gear position indicator, shift lamp, fuel gauge, and Economical Riding Indicator. More on that here.


Disappointing Yamaha Lineup

I’ll admit it… I am a Yamaha fan! Mostly because Yamaha is the most reliable motorcycle brand. My 20 year old XJ600S just keeps on going and I’m very happy with the 2016 Tracer / FJ09 I bought a few months ago. Not something I can say of my BMW RT which keeps losing parts every time I ride it, Jasper’s previous BMW that kept breaking down and even the KTM’s of Jasper and Tom have regular fuel filter and fuel pump problems. I just like my bikes to start and run without hassle!

Now that I got that of my chest, I am a bit disappointed in Yamaha’s EICMA lineup this year. Yes, they showed the new Ténéré 700, but we already knew that was coming ánd it’s a 2021 model available only in the 2nd half of 2020. They did revamp the 700 Tracer with a slightly new design, new suspension and modernized instrument panel and they upgraded the MT-03, have a new scooter and showed off the Niken which we already knew about too. Here’s a video of Makina visiting the Yamaha EICMA stand.

I was hoping for a new Super Ténéré 1200 ES and perhaps even an in between, around 900cc adventure model. Here’s a thought Yamaha: How about a Tracer 900 Adventure? With a softer suspension, higher ground clearance and a mellowed down engine? Give it some spoke wheels and smack on some crash bars and a skid plate… I’ll be the first to pre-order!


2020 MV Agusta Rush 1000

Does anyone remember the Brutale 1000 RR? MV Agusta squared that model and came up with something even badder: the 2020 RUSH 1000. Perfect combination of performance and aggression while still stylish as an Italian. With a freaking 212 hp at 13,600 rpm this is a true beast. Torque hits an impressive peak of 86.3 pound-feet at 11,000 rpm, with an extremely flat curve reaching down all the way below 4,000 rpm. MV Agusta nailed this one making you almost forget it is only a 998cc engine. MV Agusta managed to drop the Rush 1000’s weight to 405 pounds / 184 kg dry through the extensive use of CNC-machined aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber components. Much more here.


Aston Martin AMB-001

Perhaps the most extraordinary new bike presented on EICMA this year is AMB001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior. This very exclusive motorcycle is limited to just 100 pieces and is powered by a 997cc turbo supercharged V-twin engine.

The goal of this Aston Martin/Brough Superior joint-venture? ‘’To create a piece of automotive art for the motorcycle connoisseur’’

The carbon fiber body and double wishbone front fork give the bike a futuristic look and the hand-stitched saddle almost make it look like you’re sitting on the toddler-seat of an Aston Martin Vanquish. Other high quality materials such titanium and billet aluminum are used for the subframe and wheels.The exhaust is made from a superalloy called Inconel (nickel-chromium), a material you often see in Formula 1 and NASCAR exhausts/turbochargers.

Sadly, the chance you’ll ever see one of these bikes on the road is close to zero as they’re strictly being built for track use. I wonder what Lawrence of Arabia would say about this machine of the future (he owned seven Brough Superior motorcycles)…


More EICMA News

The news covered in this issue is only a scratch on the surface of all the EICMA news, so here’s a list of some links we believe give a good and complete overview of all EICMA revelations. You’ll find quite some overlap in the posts on these sites. That’s because, of course, they all stem from the same source… the EICMA show floor. Nevertheless each site has their own take on what their reporters have seen, heard and experienced.

Pic of the week

Harleys in the Twisties

This pictures was sent in by Chris, who was in Tirol with his buddies a few weeks back. “All of us are on Harleys, the oldest bike is a 74 shovelhead with suicide shifter ( not sure how he made it through most of the passes) and the newest one is a 2018 road glide. I followed the whole trip using the Scenic app, and I loved it.

What’s your beautiful / crazy / funny motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. Check out all pics here.



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