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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – Oct 11, 2019

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Oct 11, 2019


Autumn is here and we’re loving it. Some of you might have stored your bikes but we are going strong. I ride at least a 100 km/60 miles multiple times a week when I go to work and Tom is doing his daily commute so he always arrives to the office with a big grin. Summer or autumn, it makes no difference to us 🙂

In this week’s Moto Intel Report Tom is absent because he is taking the train from Moscow to Vladivostoc, Guido is looking for an Android developer (yes, it’s motorcycle related), points you towards a toolkit for rugged rides and discusses cold hand solutions. I take you along for a Texas ride that is perfect for this time of year and tell you about the KTM fuel pump problems I have encountered.

Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…


Motorcycle Maintenance

KTM Fuel Pump Problems

Source: MotoMexico on Instagram

It has been 3 months since I got my brand spanking new KTM 1090 Adventure and unfortunately, I already ran into problems with the fuel pump. I am using a prefilter because of the bad fuel quality down here in Mexico but the fuel pump is already stalling, while I had my last service only 2000km/1200miles ago and the agency cleaned the fuel pump.

It is malfunctioning when I open the gas fully, which I do quite regularly. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with this. It is a known problem but KTM has not fixed it. Hopefully with their newer models they will come up with a solution.


Motorcycle Gadgets

Modular Moto Wrench Tools

We’ve written about handy tools to take along on rides before. Mostly Swiss army knives and other ‘one piece’ – easy to fit under the saddle – kits. This one is just a little bit bigger, but packs a whole lot of punch. It was developed by one of ADVRider’s inmates and reviewed by the ADVRider staff. A smart piece of kit to take along if you often find yourself off the beaten path!


Epic Rides

Texas Hill Country

Mike Satterfield from thegentlemanracer has a ton of trips under his belt in both the USA and Mexico. In this article on mantripping he talks about, among others, the full weekend trip named Texas Hill Country which leads from the historic town of Fredericksburg to the shores of Canyon Lake. Underway you can find boutique wineries, great restaurants and rustic bars so this is really a trip that will cater for everybody’s needs.


Motorcycle Gear

Cold Hand Solutions

For the die hard – all year – riders, cold hands is a fact of life. There are solutions to it, although some work better than others. Regular thick gloves work up to a certain point. Disposable hand warmers work well for unexpected cold as they are for sale in many gas stations. One might argue safety as they can rupture inside your glove in case of a fall. Heated grips work very well on the palms of your hand, but leave your finger tips out in the cold (pun intended). Muffs work very well for your entire hand, but the ‘cool’ factor (again, pun intended) of a muff is too low for some 🙂

For really warm hands ánd warm fingertips, heated gloves can bring relief. Because the heating elements run through the entire glove, they keep your whole hand warm. They are not cheap, but then again, a normal motorcycle winter glove isn’t either. So, if you’re up for a new pair anyway, give these heated ones a try!


Wanted: Android Developer

To develop Scenic’s Android Version

If you are, or you know, an experienced Android Developer that is familiar with the Scenic App, is a motorcycle rider him/herself and would be willing and able to develop Scenic for Android, please contact me!

At least 3 years experience with Android Development is a must! Experience with porting iOS Apps to Android is highly preferred! Experience with GPS & Mapping Apps is preferred. This is a Freelance job, full time for at least 6 months, but might be more.


Pic of the week

Sunset in Minnesota

This time it was particularly difficult to choose between all the pics that were sent in. All had something special or were just plain beautiful. In the end we chose this one, sent in by Fritz. It’s a beautiful sunset in St.Charles, MN, with Fritz’s 2012 Road King in the foreground! Thank you Fritz!

What’s your beautiful / crazy / funny motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. Check out all pics here.



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