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Three things to consider when choosing a motorcycle

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Sitting at home makes many of us contemplate what the future has in store for us. Maybe a new motorcycle at some point? But what to choose when there are so many options out there? This article might help you with your search from home. This era of fear might actually benefit you by doing better ground work and find out what type of bike is best for you.



Everything starts with the purpose of the bike. What do you want to use it for? Each bike is designed with a purpose in mind and understanding this helps you to make a better choice. Decide for yourself what you will be using the bike for and then you know what type of bike you will need.

First Rides

Pictures on the internet can only tell you so much, almost every bike can look sexy on a picture if the lighting and angle is right, but nothing beats swinging your leg around her and feel how the suspension responds to you lowering your body weight onto her.

That feeling when you fire her up for the first time, that acceleration when you first get the change to give it all on a motorway and how she responds in those first corners; first impressions count and are extremely important. Try this with a number of bikes that fit your purpose.


In order for you to know if the bike you tried is really as good as you think, try other bikes in that class. For example, if you are in the market for a sport cruiser don’t just try the BMW F900XR also try the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT and the KTM 790 Duke to get a better feeling of what that segment has to offer.

This article was inspired by Zack Courts’ video and accompanying article.

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