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Blood Bike Riders – UK’s humble heroes

By 13.04.2020One Comment

In our newsletter of last Saturday I asked our readers if they’d like to share stories of this strange time we’re living in right now. Arthur was one of the people to send something in.

I’m one of the hundreds of volunteer Blood Bike Riders in the U.K.  We give up our free time to assist our National Health Service (NHS). Usually we are engaged 24/7 transporting urgent blood, tissue samples, breast milk, blood products etc between hospitals and Pathology Laboratories. However in light of the current situation we are also now transporting many Covid-19 samples and urgently required items of PPE around the U.K. 

Arthur’s own trusty Blood Bike “Elsa”, an ex Police ST1300 waiting for the next “shout”.

There are several Blood Bike groups covering the U.K. Arthur ride’s for the Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes. Everyone who gives their time does so freely,  no one is paid, they are all volunteers. This video explains what the Blood Bike Riders do. It was released just a short time before the Covid-19 pandemic, so it doesn’t mention the additional services the Blood Bikes now assist NHS healthcare with. (Covid samples and distrbution of PPE) However, this is now a crucial part of the services they offer to the health services.

Personally for me,  my Mum was superbly looked after when she was being treated for leukaemia in two of our local hospitals. Unfortunately she lost her battle, but I wanted to put something back in to the hospitals who had worked so hard to treat her.
Being a motorcyclist, Blood Bikes was the perfect fit for me.

All Blood Bike riders have to be able to ride to an advanced standard and have passed the nationally recognised test Advanced Motorcycle Test. Personally, I’ve also gone on to become a volunteer Tutor for my local Advanced motorcycle training club.

Here‘s a short piece about Arthur and his fellow riders in the “meet the riders section”.

We from Scenic App are honoured to have riders like Arthur in our community. So from us and from Arthur, a big Thank You to all Healthcare Professionals and Volunteers around the globe who are working hard to fight this war against an unseen enemy that is attacking us, and our freedom to ride whenever we like.



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One Comment

  • Les says:

    Hand Salute to Arthur! I never heard of this service until now. What a great way to serve your community.

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