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BMW F900 XR & BMW F900 R

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BMW unveiled no less than four bikes at EICMA 2019. Scroll down to check out 2 highly promising 2020 BMW mid-range segment options.


For BMW lovers there are two new mid-range models available in 2020. There is the Big Bavarian  Johnnie Bravo style F 900 XR, which is the more touring and occasional dirt road oriented. It comes with an inline two cylinder 895 cc engine that gives a satisfying 99 horses and 67 lb-ft (90Nm) of torque which is enough to make you fall of the back of your bike. Nice linear torque curve as well along most of the RPM range.

BMW F900 R

The F 900 R is the more slender brother of the F 900 XR and comes with the exact same beautiful engine and newly designed stiff Bayerischen steel frame for that typical German riding precision but with a more road oriented suspension.

Both beautiful Teutonic beasts also come with 6.5 inch TFT screen dashboard with BMW Motorrad connectivity, keyless ride as well as the smooth looking Adaptive Cornering Light which integrates more LED lights into the headlight when you bank over a certain angle in order to light up the road better and have better visibility while riding at night.

Unlockable extras

These two BMW mid-range segment options offer some cool little extras that can be unlocked may you wish to customize the electric assistance. These include but are not limited to:

-Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

-ABS Pro (whatever that may mean)

-Dynamic Brake Control (DBC)

-Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR)

New (improved?) center of gravity?

As the design of the frame is new, BMW decided to try something different. In all their wisdom they decided to move the fuel tank from its traditional place under the seat to a much higher position between de rider and the handle bars. This higher center of gravity might make the bike harder to control.

What would this set you back?

F 900 XR base model starts at $11,695 and the F 900 R starts things off sub-$10k with a base price of $8,995 which is pretty sweet. What do you think? Have you tried riding one already and can you let us know?

This is an adaptation of an article that appeared on autoevolution.com in March 2020.

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