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Scenic Route Touring and Ride Tracking with your iPhone on your Motorcycle – MotoMap Update Available Soon

By 16.06.20154 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I submitted a major update for MotoMap to Apple today! Expected release in about 2 weeks! Here are some screenshots and a list of what’s new!

Scenic Route Touring and Ride Tracking with your iPhone on your Motorcycle Specialized Motorcycle Navigation for Routes Scenic Routes, shared and rated by locals worldwide Ride Tracking and a Logbook of all your past rides Motorcycle Friends, their rides, their total distance, maximum speed, etc.

Added Functionalities:
– Dashboard with speed, max speed, avg speed, ride duration and ride distance
– Now possible to Delete Tracks
– See a list of ALL shared Tracks in an Area
– Callout bubble with most track details in the browse tracks screen
– Ability to Log Out
– Low Battery Warning when navigating (visual/audio/vibration)
– Added “pull to refresh” on several screens

– Improved Design and Intuitiveness of the User Interface
– More frequent, Smoother and less “jumpy” map refreshing during navigation
– Clearer Route Lines for navigation
– Syncing with the server is now more efficient and more reliable
– More economic use of internet connection

Bugfixes for:
– Facebook Login & Signup
– GPX Import
– Saving Rides
– Duplicate Motorcycles and Rides

What is MotoMap? An App for Scenic Route Touring and Ride Tracking with your iPhone on your Motorcycle

For those of you not yet familiar with MotoMap….MotoMap is a specialized Navigation App for Scenic Route Touring. Mainly intended for Motorcycle Riding but also for Car Drivers who like to tour the scenic backroads. It’s actually 4 apps in 1: A Route Navigator, a Ride Tracker & Logbook, a Scenic Route Database and A GPX Importer. The Navigation is specialized for Route Following; The database is full of Routes shared and rated by locals worldwide; The Ride Tracker tracks all your rides and can include pictures you take along the way; The logbook contains all your past riding adventures. For your memories and to show off to your friends.

Additional features are:
Create a route with Google Maps and import it into MotoMap
– Specialized In-App Music Controls (speed dependent volume and safer to use controls )
– Take pictures during rides and save them in your Logbook. See where you took them during your Ride.
– List of MotoMap friends. See their Riding Adventures, Overall Statistics like total distance, maximum speed and see what Motorcycles they have.

Your MotoMap account also gives you access right here, to the member area, where you can view the route database, view your profile, view your rides, import tracks and more. All from the comfort of your desktop screen.

 Why an update?

Reason for the update is 2-fold. First of all, quite some bugs surfaced over time as Apple and other 3rd party providers (e.g. Facebook) brought out new versions of iOS and their frameworks respectively. Second of all I wanted to address some things that were bothering me in the old versions, so I added some functionalities and improved the design and user intuitiveness. You’ll find that MotoMap v1.3 is a big improvement to the old version!

If you haven’t done so already, you can register as a MotoMapper on the homepage and I’ll keep you informed on when the update is available!

Cheers and best regards,



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Jack says:

    After riding is done I tried to upload the ride log to the server for future usage. I received an error message stating unable to upload.

  • Hi Jack,

    Sorry for this. I know it doesn’t help you for now, but this issue will be resolved in the upcoming update, available coming Wednesday July 1st.

    If not or if you have any more questions, comments or concerns please let me know.

    Best regards,

  • Dmitry (FatBoy) says:

    I downloaded this app quite a while ago and…… happily forgot about it. My bad. Started to use it recently and was really amazed how helpful it is for a biker. Thank you, man. You did a great job. I’m using it now for every ride.
    Here’s my question: is there any way to edit the routes after the ride? Or upload the routes to my pc and watch them on a bigger screen?
    Please dublicate your unswer to my email
    Thank you.

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