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Royal Enfield Falls Off A Trailer While Being Unloaded

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I goes without saying that motorcycles are among the more dangerous vehicles. In Asia they have a different approach to safety as can be seen here. Viewer discretion advised.

Do not try this at home

When I go to work (which is, by definition, on my motorcycle) I always take my precautions in order for me to arrive home at night. My wife appreciates that, she says. As I give both her and my 535 lbs  (240kg) KTM due respect I make sure I always pay attention to what’s coming, wear protective gear, and I don’t take unnecessary risks.

The poor guy in this video seemed to have less respect for the bike’s weight in combination with gravity. This led to a bad accident which could have been prevented. Below a video how these guys normally do it.

I hope the poor dude is fine and got out of this in one piece.

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