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3 Summer Jackets As Riding Season Kicks Off

By 07.05.2020May 11th, 2020No Comments

May is motorcycle safety awareness month (good timing), and if you’re fed up with sitting at home, maybe this is the right time to get some new gear and hit the road!

With summer approaching, we’ll have a look at jackets that do not just offer protection, but also offer optimal airflow.

Kicking off with my personal favorite:

Klim Induction Jacket

The Klim Induction Jacket has a fantastic airflow, and is constructed with great materials. The only thing I recommend is inserting a better back protector as I’m not wild about the D3O protection. Also mind that the jacket is almost zero waterproof. The jacket is a bit expensive at $350, but worth it if you live in a hot climate year-round. 

Rev’It Blake Air

Coming in almost $100 cheaper is the Rev’It Blake Air Jacket. This leather mesh jacket doesn’t offer the incredible airflow that the Klim Induction Jacket does, but has better shoulder, elbow and back protection. The insulated vest makes this jacket more suitable for all-year riding (50 fahrenheit/10 degrees Celsius is still comfortable) and its discreet look is a pro.

Dainese Air Master Jacket

At just over $200, the Dainese Air Master Jacket combines mesh and textile for a good airflow.
The jacket has a bit of an Italian style, is made from quality materials (D-synth 350 fabric) and the dark/anthracite color is not too flashy for my taste. The jacket comes with a handy back pocket to store rain equipment, but the back protector and double chest protector are sold separately.  All-in-all, this jacket offers a lot of bang for your buck.



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