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Verge TS – A Futuristic Hubless Electric Motorcycle

By 05.05.2020May 7th, 20203 Comments

We wrote about Zero electric motorcycles before, Zero being one of the broadest known brands in the electric motorcycle space. There are many more companies though. And it seems more and more brands are popping up every month.

One of those brands is Verge Motorcycles, a Finish company. Scandinavia has been on the forefront of electric car adoption, so it’s not strange that a Scandinavian company is venturing out to the motorcycle space.

Verge’s first model, the TS, is futuristic looking with its clean look, sharp edges and hubless rim, but still unmistakably a motorcycle. I quite like it to be honest. It reminds me a bit of the Buell 1125CR which I once owned.

I’m also positively surprised by the specs. If these all turn out to be true in real life, I believe Verge might have a winner on its hands with the TS.

  • POWER: 80 kW – That’s around 107 hp
  • TORQUE: 1000 Nm – That’s 7 times as much torque as a 1250 GS and 8 times as much as a 2020 Ducati Panigale
  • RANGE: 300km City / 200km Highway – Not enough for full day rides, but sufficient for commuting and a quick round to clear your mind. It’s at par with Zero motorcycles.
  • CHARGING TIME: 50min DC Fast Charging / 4hrs Onboard Charger – If you find an unoccupied DC charger next to a nice lunch location, 50min is an acceptable time.

The most unique feature of the TS is the electric motor in the rim. This eliminates the need for a chain and is highly efficient as the electric power is transmitted to the back wheel directly, without need for any other moving parts. On top of that it looks nice as well! Just one question though… where does the air-valve go?

Ordering and Price

The TS can be pre-ordered now. Verge is following a similar approach to Tesla with its Cybertruck. You can pre-order the TS today, with a deposit of 2000 EUR. Total price of the TS is bit under 25.000 EUR. This is not cheap! For comparison, the recently released Zero SR/S which we wrote about earlier, will set you back around 15.000 EUR. That’s 10k less!!! However, the SR/S has a bit shorter range, longer charge durations, a lot less torque and looks more traditional.

Which one would you get? Me personally, living in Mexico, I’m still waiting for the range to double or more, but I can imagine if you live in Scandinavia, where distances are smaller and charging infrastructure is awesome, the TS is a good alternative to traditional motorcycles!



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  • Ken Gillett says:

    Whoever wrote this piece needs to learn how a gearbox affects torque at the back wheel as currently they clearly do not understand.

    Claiming the Verge TS (which I love) has 7 times the torque of a GS is nonsense.

    • Guido says:

      That would be me Ken. You’re right. I’m not looking at gear ratios affecting torque. I’m comparing the numbers reported by the manufacturers. I know for traditional engines this is peak torque at a certain rev range, but I never saw gear ratio reported with this. I assumed the reported numbers are standardized. (What would they otherwise mean?). My assumption might have been wrong. I’m very open to a further explanation on this and on how this translates to electric engines without gearboxes, specifically the TS with engine in hub.

  • Richard Dunn says:

    Getting on for nearly the torque output of the most powerful Tri-Motor Cybertruck. I think not! I’m very pro EV and have an EV truck on order. But there’s a lot of ‘claims’ from various companies and very little proof in the pudding!

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