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Motorcycle GPS Navigation Apps – Video Comparison – Very Detailed – Very Critical

By 06.07.20174 Comments

Very detailed video review of a whole lot of Motorcycle GPS Navigation apps. Scenic is the only one making the cut.

Here’s a timeline you can use to jump to what you want:
Google Maps 5:11 7:41
Sygic 8:46
CoPilot 11:00
Mapquest 13:01
Apple Maps 14:08
GPS Nav 15:00
Navmii USA 19:00
VZ Navigator 20:45
Rever 21:29
HERE wego 23:23
Scenic 25:33
Inroute 30:30
Round 31:39
Rider 32:29
Indian/Victory 33:30
Pocket Earth 35:28
Waze 41:52
Scout 44:05
Magic Earth 44:40
Nave Rider 47:40
On-Road test of Scenic 49:12



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Steve says:

    My only issue with this guy is that he wants a LOT of features while, in his words, “the whole thing, or at least all the basic features, must be free!” Then mentions that he’s been using an app that cost him $50 for 7-8 years and that he STILL uses it and “loves it”! Um, my friend, that sounds like a good value to me! Yes, the days of $50 GPS apps may be gone, but he doesn’t seem to get that features require work on the part of developers, many of them (like Scenic, I believe) are essentially one-person shops. Are they supposed to work for free?

    • Guido says:

      Hi Steve. Allow me to give my opinion from the developer perspective. First of all… I really like the way you think. I wish more people would think like this! Unfortunately, the reality is that most people have come to expect software (especially apps for phones) to be free. Wether developers like it or not, this is how it is at the moment. The only thing we can do to try and be successful is offer so much value to our users that they are willing to pay for it. I believe that’s also what he says more or less in the end of the video (at the end of the Scenic road test)… he got the yearly premium for $10,50 and thought that was a good deal.

  • Derekuma says:

    re the Youtube video, hey, it IS Youtube, the guy was winging it, I don’t think he was looking for a Pulitzer Prize, he was speaking as it came into his head, he was sharing his “thoughts”.
    It is thanks to him I discovered this app & will pay the few pennies annual fee.
    I just can’t get over how great the app is.
    I wish there was a desktop version to edit/ save / play on.

    [ the “Solve this ..” gave me 2 x [ ] = 7 & does not take 3.5 ?]

    • Guido says:

      Thanks Derek. I believe you are right about him sharing his thoughts. I think he did an excellent job. I did a similar written review and that cost me a LOT of time. Can’t imagine how much time it took him to review all those apps in this kind of detail. (btw did you get my reply to your email?)

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