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Release notes Scenic v1.51

By 14.07.20176 Comments

Scenic update v.151 just got approved by Apple. Next to some new App Store screenshots and a preview video in preparation for iOS11, these are the release notes:

Now available in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Improved online Search. Stability improvements and bug fixes. Fixed bugs:

  • No voice with iOS11 beta
  • northUp not consistent
  • Speedometer not going to 0
  • 3D setting not rememberd
  • Screen lock during navigation in specific circumstances
  • Zoom buttons disappearing after being backgrounded
  • No Curvy routing when using ‘Send to Scenic’ button on while browsing on iOS device.
  • Voice instruction following eachother too soon.

Here’s the App Preview Video



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • David Sidler says:

    Love the app! Several of my riding friends are using it now as well.

  • Igor says:

    Why is there no diferent maps styles?

  • Ken says:

    Help. updated app and re downloaded maps and all are blank.

    ios 11.2.2 ipadpro

    • Guido says:

      Could you try force quitting Scenic (double tap home button and swipe up) and then reopening? If that doesn’t help remove Scenic from device completely and redownload from the app store. Makes sure to have email and password linked to your account. If that also doesn’t help contact me through support link.

  • Don says:

    when will you release android app?

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