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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – April 12, 2019

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Scenic App News, Helmet Noise, KTM 1090 Adv, Pan Germania, Angled Valve Stems, Brake Pads and ‘Live long and Prosper’ gloves.

April 12, 2019


Spring is here, and we’re making the most of it.

With Easter weekend around the corner, and with good weather in large parts of Europe and North America, you suddenly see people riding bikes of whom you’d never thought they’d own one.

I just got back from a work trip in southern Florida. Unfortunately I was a bit too late to make it to the Daytona Bike Week.

The Daytona Beach races and Bike Week have been a tradition since 1937 and attract hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts (mostly Harley Davidson, Indian and other choppers).

Claiming to be the world’s largest motorcycle event, the parades on and around Daytona Beach were from March 8 to March 17th – have a look!

This week we have some interesting stuff in the Moto Intel Report. Guido gives another sneak peek into Scenic’s big overhaul, shows a very handy gadget, writes about an epic route in Germany and takes a deep dive into causes and solutions to helmet Noise. Jasper shows you his (soon to be) new bike and some seriously waterproof gloves, while I write about brake pads.
Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…



Pan Germania – Germany

Since we have a lot of German Scenic users, for this MIR, I decided to pick an Epic Ride through the beautiful country of Germany. And what a route it is. Around 10.000 kilometers (≈ 6,000 miles) of amazing roads along famous sites, motorcylce museums, beautiful views and much much more. The route was put together by the German motorcycle design engineer Friedel Münch during the traditional Vogelsberg Motorbike Festival. It consists of 4 parts, the north, south, east and west route. Here’s a tasty description in English and here are PDFs of the route maps.



KTM 1090 Adventure

As mentioned in the last MIR I recently sold my BMW F650GS and am now in the market for something more powerful, yet agile enough to hit the occasional dirt road. Something comfortable, with a reasonable seat height (which is why I won’t be going for the higher Adventure R) so I can move through Mexico City’s traffic as well as comfortably carry a passenger whenever needed.
After some research I came to the conclusion that the new KTM 1090 Adventure is it for me. A lot of bike for my money. The liquid-cooled, V-twin 1050 cc engine produces a staggering 125 HP and the seat height of 850mm makes that I can comfortably put my feet on the ground for balance. Check out the review here.


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Right angled valve stems

A few issues back we wrote about the pivot air chuck, specifically designed to reach those hard to reach valv stems when inflating a tire. The pivot air chuck attaches to most compressor air hoses / couplings. It won’t do you much good on the road when stopping at a gas station though, as on most airsources provided there you can’t easily swith the air chuck. The solution to that are right angled valve stems.
Most of them screw on your existing stem. There are many screw-on versions available on Amazon. The screw-on has the disadvantage that you can lose pressure if you’re not fast enough with screwing the angle on and off. BestRestProducts brought this clip-on one on the market to solve that. It simply clips on to your exisitng valve stem, eliminating that disadvantage. It does need about 1.8 inches (4.6 cm) of clearance between the existing valve stem and the wheel hub, so measure before ordering! And… very important… don’t forget to take them of again after inflating. They mess up your tire balance and, more dangerously, can start flying around while riding.



Highly requested features – part 4

If you followed the ‘big update’ journey you know it has a completely new design and loads of new features. Here, I report on the progress and show you some of those new features. This time: Round Trips!
Ever wanted to go for a ride, but not sure where to go? The big update adds the Round Trip feature. With the tap of a button Scenic suggests a round trip of your desired distance in your desired direction. The trip generation is random, so you’ll get a different trip every time. Then it’s as simple as hopping on your bike and start navigating. See screenshots above.
Lastly I want to get ahead of you and answer a few questions that I get a lot:
Q: When is the big update ready? A: June
Q: When Android? A: I’m starting Android development after the big iOS update is out.
Q: Will I keep my purchases? A: Yes, you’ll only get more for them. Never less!



Klim Forecast Split Finger Gloves

As a rider hailing from the Netherlands, rain is not something that stops me from getting to my destination, but not being able to use the clutch or front break does. Having your gloves soaked is just terrible and can even become painful if you ride in near freezing temperatures. Therefore, I recommend Klim Forecast Split Finger gloves. They keep your hands nice and dry and block the rain and wind from entering your gloves. Live long and prosper 😉



Windscreens and other causes and solutions to Helmet Noise

During my riding years, I found myself constantly struggeling with helmet noise. So recently I decided to dive deep, and I mean very deep, into this topic. In this article I investigate, through science, experiences and research papers, what exactly causes the noise and how it can be reduced by modifications to your motorcycle, your gear and hearing protection. The results might surprise you.



Brake Pads

Checking the brakes should be a routine part of any motorcycle garage check-up, but I recommend to inspect them yourself every once in a while. When you start hearing squeaky sounds when braking, you should probably check the friction lining on the brake pads. If the lining is less than 2mm, you should probably change them. When you start hearing a scraping metal on metal noise, you should immediately replace the pads as the contact might damage the brake rotors.

Brake pad life really depends on your driving style, the weight of the bike and the terrain you’re driving in. In a traffic-jungle like Mexico-City, I noticed that I burn through rear-pads at breakneck speed, but I’m still on my first pair of front brake pads after almost 30,000 km / 18,640 mi.



Siouxsie on the Million Dollar Highway

This picture was sent in by Lisa. It pictures her Indian Springfield 2016 (she calls her Siouxsie) on the Million Dollar Highway: 11 friends and I traveled from Chicago, Illinois to the Colorado. We started in the NE corner with a temperature over 80 and 40 plus MPH winds. We traveled for 6 days through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Along the way we rode the highest paved road in North America at the top of Mt Evans, one of the most expensive roads ever built (the Million Dollar Highway), went down into a canyon so deep and steep that parts of it only get 20 minutes of sun a day, and encountered temps from 100 degrees Fahrenheit at 4 corners in the furthest southeast corner of the state down to 30’s at the top of Pikes Peak at over 14,000 feet elevation. All in all an epic journey, and all the routes were navigated with Scenic.”

What’s your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle story? Share your story with us and we might just put it in the next Moto Intel Report.



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