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Learn how to improve your riding skills

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In the past I’ve written a few times on ways to learn and improve your riding skills. I’ve written about finding your practice route, about high speed offroad cornering, and a YouTube channel to help you improve your skills.

This time I want to point your attention to a motorcycle skills series on cycleworld.com. This will be a series of articles, written by Nick Ienatch of ChampSchool riding school. Every week Nick will give us a drill to practice in the upcoming week during our rides. The first week was about Motorcycle Steering And Hand Pressure. Since then a few more articles were published as well, and new ones will follow weekly.

I encourage you to read through it and practice along with Nick! I strongly believe that the most important thing that can help you from being injured (or worse) while on the road is training and practice. Of course protective gear and well maintained equipment are also important, and you can’t control everything and everyone on the road, but knowing how to anticipate and handle hairy situations can be a life saver! And give you more confidence and fun on your rides all together!



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