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How to become a Beta Tester

By 23.03.201614 Comments


As you might have heard MotoMappers is about to launch a new App, Scenic… and it needs Beta Testers!

The concept is the same as MotoMap but it’s completely redesigned from the ground up and has features that you’ve all been waiting and asking for like:

  • Voice Instructions
  • Offline Maps
  • Creating Routes In App
  • Landscape Mode
  • Heading Up Mode
  • and a lot more…see the posts below for more info and a sneak peek video.

The App is going into Beta Test next week and I’m looking for beta testers NOW! To become eligible please follow this link and fill in the form.

Thanks and ride safe,



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Jesse says:


    Will this new app allow me to import routes created externally? A GPX or KML for example. I want to be able to create routes on my desktop and then save them into my phone for offline rides.


  • Jack Fiero says:

    I would like to beta test this new app.

  • Eitan Zadok says:


    I am motorcyclist entusiastic from Long Island NY that looking for the best GPS mobile app to plan my trips in NE and soon in Nevada and Arizona.
    I am developer myself and know the importance of Beta users and feedback.

  • Ralph says:

    When are you launching public?

  • Robert Woodsom says:

    My initial impressions on this new app are very positive. I love that I can import gpx file routes easily from Dropbox. In many cases I love that the waypoints disappear into the route when navigating. Sometimes however I would like a waypoint to be a stop and I want to be notified of the stop. I am not sure if this is possible. If there are stops vs just waypoints. I am still working with it. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Jim Mackenzie says:

    Can you resend a link to scenic? It seems to have stopped working on my iPhone.
    I like it a lot and shows much potential.

    Thanks, Jim

  • Eric Rotella says:

    Leaving next week for a 6 day trip on the bike and looking for an app that can import my route from the HD Planner. Your new app looks to be the answer. Anyway to get an early preview to use on this trip?

    • Hi Eric, sorry for my late reply. Had an over-sensitive comment spam detector and your comment ended up in the Spam folder. Sorry about that. If I’m still in time for your trip you can contact me through the support link at the top of the page. Best Regards, Guido

  • Gert Jan Bastiaans says:

    Ha Guido,
    Tof dat je een goed werkende motorrijder app aan het maken bent. Nu is mijn vraag of hij ook voor de Android geschikt is en je bv makkelijk gpx (garmin) bestanden kan inladen. En van de Tomtom natuurlijk ook.
    Met vriendelijke groeten Gert Jan

    • Hallo Gert Jan. Als eerste excuses voor mijn late reactie. Mijn comment spam-detector was iets te overgevoelig ingesteld. Met Scenic kun je idd GPX importeren. Helaas is hij op dit moment net geschikt voor Android. Ik wil eerste zien hoe de iOS versie het gaat doen voordat ik investeer in een Android versie. Hoop dat je het begrijpt. Vriendelijke Groeten, Guido

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