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Early Preview Video of the new App

By 24.02.20163 Comments

This is a very rough screen recording of the new app named…..Scenic. Some things have already changed since this recording, but this will give you a general idea about what to expect.

Beta testing will start within a month. Keep an eye out on the blog for how & when to sign up as a beta tester. If you have the current app ‘MotoMap’ and/or you registered your email here on the motomappers.com homepage, you will automatically get an email when beta registration starts.



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Mo says:

    Looks awesome Guido! Seems to be quite comprehensive. Assuming it will also have Furkot integration?

  • Adjan says:

    Your new app looks awesome!
    I actually wanted to purchase the first version of it ever since I came across your website, but I decided to wait because you had already anounced that you were planning a new version of the app.
    This is just a friendly reminder that your app is highly anticipated, as it seems to be the best app for motorcyclists by far.

    Greetings from Aachen, Germany

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