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Beta Test in Progress

By 08.04.2016July 8th, 20165 Comments

The Scenic Beta Test is running full throttle. Getting lots of feedback and feature requests. I’m happy to announce that all major reported bugs will be fixed in the next beta build, to be released early next week!

Many thanks to all the active beta testers! Scenic would not be possible without you!

If you want to help out, you can still subscribe (see link to form in previous blog post). You’ll get a TestFlight invite as soon as a next beta build is released!



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Mike Spinelli says:

    Beta M/C Map program tester.

  • Uwe Betz says:


    I line your ideas on this App very much and already thought about writing a concept for an app similar to what you already did with some further additional features. But I am glad to see that someone already did it and would like to become a Beta tester. I could also offer to support german translation if required and provide some ideas for further releases (but I guess you get thousands of such inputs already).
    So it would be great if you could add me to the beta tester list. I typically navigate with my bluetooth helmet set connected to my iPhone 6 used as Navi and Sound System 😉

    BR from Munich, Germany


  • Carl says:

    Any news yet on release date? I triied to register as beta tester. But it appears to now be closed?

    • Hi Carl, sorry for my late reply. Had an over-sensitive comment spam detector and looks like almost all comments ended up in the spam folder. Anyway, I’m hoping to release Scenic to the App Store end of July. If you want I can still add you as a beta tester. Just send me a mail using the support link on the top right.

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