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Best bike for under $4000

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What to do if you have 4000 bucks to spend on a bike? This means you either buy a cheap new bike or you go for more quality but that means you have to get somebody else’s used bike. Bikebandit thoroughly investigated this and they came with some interesting findings.

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It will probably not surprise anyone that this top 10 is compiled of mostly Japanese brands. My personal favorite is the Suzuki SV650 which was my loyal companion on so many trips. The unkillable Kawasaki KLR 650 is also a really good option which we have discussed here in the Moto Intel Report.

Harley Davidson is an old time favorite, when touring a Harley in the USA you really understand why Americans love this brand so much. People waving on the side of the road, friendly conversations in roadside restaurants and people helping out when it breaks down. Just a totally different experience from doing the same thing on a Japanese bike!

Enjoy reading Bandit’s recommendations!

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