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BMW works on radar-guided cruise control

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In these strange times of social distancing, people are asked to keep at least 1.5m (5ft.) distance with other persons. Keeping distance is also important when riding motorcycles, and more often than not, I see riders riding almost bumper to bumper.

To make things easier when riding on cruise control, motorcycle builders are now coming up with radar guided cruise control, which has already been an option for some time on luxury cars.

Last year, I wrote a snippet on EICMA 2019, including the radar-guided cruise control modules which are currently being developed by Germany company Bosch. The Ducati Multistrada, KTM 1290 and BMW K1600 GT models are likely to be outfitted with this new tech.

Ben Clarke from Motorcycle News has written a short but informative article on BMW’s radar-guided system which also includes a handy feature which helps you to set not just the cruising speed, but also the desired distance, which could come in handy during rainstorms or poor visibility.



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