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You asked for it!

By 21.04.2015July 2nd, 201512 Comments

In the MotoMap App feedback you voted for future functionalities that you desire most. Well, this is the score and this is what I’m gonna do about it!futurefuncs I’m happy to say that the new App I’m working on will offer 4 out of 5 of these functionalities:

  • Turn by Turn and Voice Navigation
  • Exporting Tracks
  • Offline Maps
  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad

What happened to Scenic Route Planning from A to B you ask?
Well, first of all, it’s a lot of work to make this work right, and I want to get it right! Secondly, this requires a well filled database with cool routes and tracks. Although the MotoMap database has been growing (thank you all for adding cool routes and tracks), it’s not full enough yet. So…keep ‘m coming!

So, when is this new app available?
end of 2015! Can I be more precise? Maybe a little bit. I will have a few months more programming to do before I can start the beta test. Around that time I will send out a mail to all current MotoMap users with information on how to sign up as a beta tester.

Will there be an Android version?
I hope so! That depends on how successful the new app is going to be. For now, no concrete plans to start on an Android version!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but, trust me, it’s gonna be worth the wait! Thanks for all your feedback, comments, positive criticism and “way to go’s”.

Cheers, Guido



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Jens Diederichsen says:

    Sounds very nice. I’m looking forward to try the beta version. !

  • Dirk says:

    This looks very promising. Do you still need beta testers? I have not tried the current version because I just bought my new bike. But the description of your app sounds much better for biking than the other high level (and high pricing) navigation apps.
    I would love to trry it and give you feedback.

  • Hi Dirk,

    Thanks for your comment. The new app is not ready yet for Beta testing, but as soon as it is I will send out an email to all existing MotoMap users and I will post something on the blog, describing how to sign up as a beta tester.

    To avoid any misunderstanding: The current version is not a full blown navigation app. It does not have Turn by Turn and Voice navigation like the full blown mainstream navigation apps out there. The new app will have that though. Don’t know if you saw my blog article where I review 13 of those mainstream apps specifically for use on your motorcycle?

    Have fun with your new bike 🙂


  • Ian says:

    Hi Guido

    When the motomap opens the track on the iPhone it does so in the native Apple Maps app. The thing is, I’ve always found the Apple Maps really bad and unclear so is it possible to open it in, say, the Google Map app instead?

    I notice that when you tap on an address in a calendar entry on the iPhone, you can choose which app you use to to open the directions to that address. Could you do the same for Motomaps?

    Great app by the way!

  • Hi Ian,

    Let me get right to the point and be honest. Yes, both things are technically possible, but it’s a lot of work to implement (especially the Google Maps point) so I’m not gonna do that for MotoMap anymore.

    The good news is that the new app will not work with Apple Maps. Also not with Google Maps, but with a 3rd party map provider. This is because Apple and Google don’t offer the possibility to download offline map areas and I want to give that functionality to my users.

    As for the calendar entry. That’s a good suggestion! I did not think about to implement this in the new app, but now that you’ve told me I’ll definitely check it out. Shouldn’t be to hard I expect.

    Thanks for your suggestions. If you have any more, keep ‘m coming 🙂


  • Stefan says:

    Hi Guido,

    just bought motomap 1.1 from the appstore hoping it was a complete app. I would like to use the app by the end of the month (june). Do you think it will be ready by then?

    Maybe i can help you beta test it out 😛

    i have an iPhone 6+, with jailbroken 8.1.2 software, so i could manually install the apk.

    If all the above will be subject to a negative answer, i would like to thank you nonetheless. It was about time someone created an app like this.

    grt. Stefan.

  • Hi Stefan,

    I’m actually working on 2 things now.

    Firstly I’m working on an update for MotoMap to address bugs that surfaced over time (due to iOS updates, Facebook Framework updates and other 3rd party framework updates.) This update will also incorporate some minor added functionalities and a UI updates to address feedback I got over time. I’m expecting this to be ready and available in the app store in about 2 weeks. (I am dependent on Apple for this as they usually take between 1 to 2 weeks to review and approve an update.)

    Secondly I am working on the new app as described here in this blog article. This new app is a bit delayed as I had to focus my attention on the update for MotoMap. It will be after the summer before a beta is ready for that. Once the beta is ready I’ll send out an email to all existing MotoMap users and also post on the blog to tell you how you can sign up as a beta tester.

    Hope this answers your questions? If not, please let me know. Happy to help any way I can.

    Best Regards,

  • Dirk says:

    Hey Guido,
    anything new about the new version of MotoMappers? Is there a chance that we might see it before the 2015 motorcycling season ends? 😎

    • Hi Dirk, I’m sorry to disappoint. Unfortunately the summer had been very busy for me with an unexpected house move. Right now, as I won’t finish it before the end of this mc season, I’ve decided to give it a bit more time, don’t rush it and then have an excellent app ready for the next mc season. That being said, the beta will be available sooner. I’m now aiming for before Xmas. Again, sorry to disappoint :-/

  • Greg says:

    Looking forward to the new version!

  • Bill Pedler says:

    I watched a 2017 GPS app review where Scenic was the choice of the reviewer. (YouTube – TwoWheelObsession) I’m an Android user. I would gladly pay for the Life Time version of the App if there was a Android Version.

    Good job on making a great app … I mean that with all sincerity.
    /(wild) Bill

    • Guido says:

      Yes. I know the video. Very nice! I’m currently looking into the possibilities for an Android version. At the moment I can’t financially justify investing in it. I’m an independent iOS developer and it takes time and money to develop and maintain on 2 platforms. I’m not very good at Adroid so need to hire someone or find a Android developer as a partner. I might even do a Kickstarter campaign for it, not sure yet. 

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