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Weatherproof iPhone cases for your GPS Motorcycle Navigation setup

By 18.04.2018April 20th, 20188 Comments

If you want to see (and touch) the screen of your phone you’ll have to attach it to your motorcycle somehow. You can do this case-less or with a case. The iPhone 7 and above models are waterproof, so you could go case-less from a ‘rain’ perspective. However you might still want to consider buying a good case and mount for your phone anyway. First of all, Apple’s official documentation states “Liquid damage is not covered under warranty”, but secondly a case also helps against vibrations, dust and accidentally dropping your phone while wearing your clumsy motorcycle gloves.

As always there are several solution out there varying in quality and price.

iPhone as Motorcycle GPS - tankbagThe most simple solution is putting your phone in your tank bag’s (see through) map holder. Disadvantages of this option is that most likely your touch screen will not work through the plastic of your tank bag. Furthermore your phone might move around in there and you’ll have to look down quite a bit to see what’s on the screen. Most importantly though.. if the sun is shining, chances of overheating are high. Your tank bag segment acts like a little over in that case. Compare it to sitting in a parked car with all windows closed while the sun is on it. Lastly your phone in the tank bag map holder might not offer sufficient protection against heavy rain.


iPhone as Motorcycle GPS

iPhone as Motorcycle GPS - mountweatherNowadays more and more weather proof cases are out there. Most of them protect your phone from the elements while keeping the touch functionality. Some of them offer a range of mounts that enable you to put your Phone in a safe and visible place on your motorcycle like for example the handle bars. I’ve always been very happy with my lifeproof cases and mounts, but several other good and well known suppliers are out there like Otterbox, Catalyst and Hitcase.

If you have experience with any of these cases, or with other brands, please feel free to help out and share with the other readers by leaving a comment below.




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  • Fulco de Vente says:

    Hi there! SP Connect has an excellent solution :

    Works great and the case is wonderful

    • Frank Schuurman says:

      i second this, i have recently bought one (99 euro’s “ouch” in Amsterdam) but instellad in a few minutes. The phone snaps quickly in its sleeve when needs and with a “click” and turn is attaches to the mount. Then start Scenic and off you go…

  • Justin Oldham says:

    I use the TwistyRide iPhone case:

    Great case, great mounting system, modular design so can upgrade just part when you get a new phone. Great bit of kit and a good price too.

    Highly recommended!

    • John Malley says:

      I also use the twisty ride case on my IPhone and agree with Justin that they are very good, tough and practical

  • Dave says:

    I have an iPhone 7 and use the LifeProof waterproof case. It’s peace of mind more than anything; however, the down side, if there is one, is the complaint from those I call who claim “I’m cutting out”, and “I can’t hear you!”
    LifeProof provided two versions of their waterproof units, under warranty, and the second unit (Nuud), won’t work with a screen protector, which means the phone is protected from shock and weather, but not screen damage.
    Consequently, I move from the LifeProof case to standard case with glass screen, and pay for the glass each time ($3.00 to $4.00).

  • Stephan says:

    I am using a Ram X-Grip. The downside of all the closed boxes is that the phone may overheat if you are driving very slow like in a traffic jam on a hot summer day. I am using an Iphone 7. I faced a couple of times heavy rain with no issue for my phone. The downside of the X-Grip is that the clamps are exactly in the area of the volume key and the on/off key. I wish I could block those keys. I am using the EZ-strap mount as well. That doesn’t give you lots of room to move the phone up or down so that the clamps don’t touch the keys.

    • Brodie says:

      My iPhone 6/LifeProof Nuud case mounts in landscape position in the X grip. Power port to the left, upper right grip rubber just to the left of the now horizontal volume buttons. It’s a very solid set up being off center to the X, and mounted gripping upper and lower edges. So far, with many many miles it has yet to slip a fraction of an inch, much less tried to escape.

  • Jean Paul Vander Perren says:

    I use the Interphone Pro Case for my Iphone 6S. Works reasonably well. You can use the screen without gloves or with gloves with the right finger tips.
    There is 1 major disadvantage: in heavy sunlight (and we have plenty of that for the moment) the screen is unreadable and that gives me problems for navigation. There are situations where the audio tells you to turn right. But there are 2 possibilities. Normally I have a look at the screen and I can see which way to go. But with the sun, imossible to see anything. So I had to made several u-turns on my ride yesterday.
    I have been looking around for a case that offers better sun protection but so far I couldn’t find one. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

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