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Touch screen enabled gloves – for Motorcycle Navigation with your iPhone

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Your phone’s screen can not be operated with standard (motorcycle) gloves. This is because it operates through the change in electrical current that occurs when your skin (a finger tip) touches the screen. Materials that cannot conduct electricity, like used in motorcycle gloves, prevent the transmission of electricity to the screen.

I’ve written about this topic before in this article, but since then some new solutions have entered the market and I wanted to give you an overview of all the possibilities that are out there at the moment.

1. DIY – Sow conductive wire in your gloves

It’s possible to “convert” your current gloves to enable touch operation of your phone. This requires a bit of conductive wire and some rough sowing techniques. For more information on this see this site. I have actually done this myself with my summer gloves and winter gloves. I did the index finger and thumb on my left hand and only the index finger of my right hand. I’m quite happy with it. Especially for my summer gloves it wasn’t a problem. The winter gloves were much more difficult as it’s a thick layer you have to go through. I do feel some moisture coming through now when it’s raining, but, to me, that’s worth it.

2. Put liquid on your glove fingertips

There are liquids for sale that, when applied to your glove finger tips, will cause a change in electrical current on the screen, and thus, will theoretically work. I’ve had some feedback on this from users. It does actually work, but due to weather and wear and tear the liquid wears of pretty fast. Only a few rides and you’ll have to re-apply. AnyGlove and NanoTips are examples of manufacturers of these liquids.

3. A glove for your glove’s fingertips

The most famous manufacturer of these is ThumbDogs. The concept is very simple and is exactly as the picture suggest. A glove for your fingertip. User feedback on these has also not been massively positive. Apparently they tend to fall off as they are not tight enough. This of course, depends a lot on your own gloves and may vary from person to person.

4. Touchscreen enabled gloves

This, is very likely the best, but also the most expensive solution. Lately more and more manufacturers are bringing out touchscreen enabled riding gloves. They are not cheap, but will do the job best of all of these option. Prices vary a lot, but if you want one from a respectable motorcycle brand you’ll pay the price for it. Here’s a list of touchscreen enabled motorcycle gloves for sale on ebay.



Solution 2 and 3 are not for me. I want this to work always and everywhere and not, when I need it, discover that the paint wore off or that I lost a thumb dog. So, if you already have gloves consider solution 1. If you still need to buy gloves than definitely buy the touchscreen enabled gloves. Their price compared to regular gloves is not that much higher and worth the extra money.





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One Comment

  • Art says:

    I agree, however I have Aerostich gloves, which I love in terms of softness and feel, but have found them not very effective in their “touch” model. I do not blame then, the fit is the issue. The right size glove for palm still has longer “fingers” than my actual fingers so contact is not real good particularly when riding. Still looking for the right fit for a old guy with short fingers 🙂

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