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Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear for Christmas (for your spouse)

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Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear for Christmas (for your spouse)

If you are reading this you (1) have a spouse that’s a fanatic motorcycle rider and (2) you have no idea what to get him/her for Christmas. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

HOWEVER, if you ARE one of those fanatic motorcycle riders yourself, STOP READING and just share this article with your spouse! You wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would you?

Here’s a list of some of the Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear that will do well as Christmas Gifts. It’s not just any list. It’s based on the most ordered articles throughout the year AND on what we (3 motorcycle fanatics ourselves) are using already, or would’t mind seeing under the tree this year. We hope you find it useful.

Jasper, Tom & Guido

Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear under 25 USD

> Helmet Holder

This helmet holder gives a safe space to your spouse’s helmet and keeps the house organised as well.

Under the tree for: 14 USD

> Improve your Street Riding Skills

Total Control, by Lee Parks, is one of the best selling books for improving street riding skills. This will definitely help your spouse scratch that motorcycling itch through winter!

Under the tree for: 19 USD

> Improve your Adventure Riding Skills

If your spouse is more into off-road riding, get him/her ‘Adventure Riding Techniques’ by Robert Wicks. It’s the ultimate guide for him/her to get his/her bike under control on the dirt! It’s pretty expensive new, but used on Amazon it’s quite affordable.

Under the tree for: 24 USD

> Spare set of Motorcycle Gloves

We wouldn’t use these as main motorcycle gloves but they can sure come in handy and won’t break the bank. More than once we got caught in an unexpected shower rendering our main gloves soaked and cold. Your spouse taking these with him/her as a spare dry set can be a godsend in these cases. They can also come in handy for the occasional pillion/passenger 😉.

Under the tree for: 17 USD

> USB Charge Port

This aftermarket USB Charge Port is powerful enough (3.1 amp) to charge just about anything. A must if, for example, your spouse is using a Motorcycle Navigation App and also wants to keep his/her phone fully charged to be reachable for you 😉. It’s Amazon’s Choice and can be attached to a motorcycle easily, with a simple Zip Tie, some adhesive tape or screws. At just 10 bucks this is a no brainer!

Under the tree for: 10 USD

> Brake Disc Lock with Alarm

I (Guido), have been using one of these for about 5 months now. I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use, fits under the saddle of my bike and the alarm has enough volume to scare potential thieves off. You won’t easily forget it’s on either, as the alarm will go off as soon as you start moving the bike. It comes with 3 batteries but I’m still on my first one. And that’s with daily use. Isn’t 24 bucks worth some additional peace of mind for your spouse?

Under the tree for: 24 USD

Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear under 100 USD

> RUPSE Tire Pressure Management System

Worried about your Spouse’s safety? Did you know that tire pressure has a huge influence on the control and handling of a motorcycle? The RUPSE is a ruggedised weather proof system specially made for monitoring motorcycle tire pressure and temperature. Its accuracy is ±1 Psi / 0,1 BAR, it gives warnings when tire pressure becomes too low or too high and it has a very simple and organised display, making a ‘quick glance’ by your spouse enough to know what’s going on between him/her and the pavement.

Under the tree for: 90 USD

> Scissor Lift Jack

If your spouse is a grease monkey and likes to do his/her own maintenance, this best selling lift might be a nice present under the tree. Be aware though: this might tip the delicate balance between garage time and you time!

Under the tree for: 64 USD

Top Best Motorcycle Gadgets & Gear over 100 USD

> Sena 20s EVO Bluetooth Dual

If you really want to make your loved one happy then all you do is order this and expect sheer happiness. This Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System represents a level of refinement from the proven market leader, the Sena 20S. It allows riders (e.g. you and your spouse) to talk up to 1.2 miles distance. This is a dream product for many riders!

Under the tree for: 445 USD

> Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon

As recommended by Ryan from FortNine the Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet comes at 399.95 and is the best helmet he has come across in a long time. It would be the best possible gift if your significant other is into safety as well as style.

Under the tree for: 400 USD



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