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Tim Collins’ Motorcycle Camping Hacks

By 17.03.20212 Comments

What do a fork, duct tape, electrical tape and toothpaste have in common? Continue reading to find out 😊 Tim Collins is becoming one of my favorite YouTubers; he creates great videos about motorcycle camping which is rapidly becoming my past time activity.

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I love how Tim took the risk to live on the road and despite his social anxiety managed to do well; making money through publishing videos about himself and his beloved motorcycle. In this 11 minute video Tim talks about a few motorcycle hacks that are super useful. The simpler the better in my opinion. For the last 20 years, I have always had at least some duct tape with me on camping trips, but using a fork to close a bag, electrical tape against glare, and toothpaste against fogging vizors is next level stuff. A highly recommended watch!

Do you have any motorcycle hacks you want to share?


  • Helgi Mar Magnusson says:

    Motorcycling trick.
    Dissolving Silicone in odorless turpentine, and using a brush to paint your jacket with the solution, can make it nearly waterproof again. At least enough to get you through the season, so you can pick up a cheap replacement at the fall sales.
    Little worn chain with stiff link can be boiled in used motor oil to free the link. Put chain in cold oil, heat until water droplet dropped in boils, let cool down, remove chain.

  • Keep Moving says:

    I discovered the trick of using electrical tape on my visor about a year ago. Should have watched this sooner.
    I’ve been using the small toothpaste idea for years as a backwoods backpacker. Why pack the big heavy tube when you only need a little bit for a week; less weight more room could mean smaller panniers. Many more tricks like this on lightweight backing channels.

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