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Best motorcycle airbag vest

By 08.03.20219 Comments

Motorcycle airbags have been around since the 90s, but hardly anybody uses them. Why not you might wonder, as new cars all have them. They are actually obligatory in most countries. I personally don’t use one but maybe I should! Ryan talks about 5 airbag vests for motorcyclists. As always he is super honest and the Helite Turtle 2 Airbag vest comes out on top. Watch his review here.

What I would like to hear from you is whether you use an airbag vest when you ride. Please share why!


  • Pete Kakoyannis says:

    Great piece on airbags. Thank you! I do not have one yet, but seriously considering it. For the price of a slip-on fancy muffler you can add protection. My only issue is living in Florida: Just my flow through mesh jacket is already too hot!

    • Guido says:

      In the same situation. Live in Mexico and seriously considering a vest (for the long rides at least). I guess there is not much difference between really warm and really really warm. Staying hydrated is really the only thing that helps in these climates where the air feels warm even at 60mph.

  • Hjalmar Fontijn says:

    Wow….i was actually pretty convinced the Dainese would win, since it is recommended mostly by our dealers….and that is the one i was considering very seriously…whenever shops open again…

  • David says:

    My friend and I both have the Hit Air airbag vests.I watched him take a tumble while I was following on a rough loose gravel road. Although his bike BMW GS Fairing was damaged and his helmet was badly scratched, he was in perfect condition, unharmed. He has also fallen off while riding on pine straw on his property with no injury. This is a relatively less expensive option and very effective as far as I can see. It is also lighter for those riding in a hot environment.

  • Gene Terrone says:

    Hi, I bought a Hit-Air Vest in March 2020 and have been using it every time I ride. In 2014 I was hit by a car because this person didn’t yield to a van blocking her line of sight. After many broken bones and 3 months in medical facilities I started riding again. I know the danger of riding and even with a vest it could be the end . These vests protect the spine, ribs, neck and many other organs. But they don’t protect your legs arms and head. For me I feel safer with the vest on and I have been riding over 60 years. Gene

    • Guido says:

      You hit the nail right on the head with this comment Gene. 99% of time all is great, but this one time when someone doesn’t pay attention (either you or another person) it might just save your life or at least save you a broken bone more and a month in the hospital. Totally worth it if you ask me. Then again… safety is hard to argue with… in the end it’s all about how much risk are you willing to take.

  • Frank says:

    just bought the Alpinestars because of the better protection area at the shoulders. I do not agree with the mentioned disadvantage regarding the battery on this vest. It has a built in level 2 back protector – so even if you forget to charge the battery the protection is still on the same level as with common hard protectors.

  • Rich says:

    Check out the Point-Two Vest. I think the coverage is better than Helite. I’ve been wearing these vest for 10 years and don’t ride without one. Had Hit-Air first and now Point-Two. They offer to service, clean and replace the internals yearly.

  • Marc Grossman says:

    I thought this was a shootout video…not a promo for Helite….Whay was the Spidi airbag not discussed or compared to the Helite?

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