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Scenic Big Update – Sneak Peek

By 23.12.2018June 11th, 201939 Comments
I am currently working on a very big update (aimed to be released this summer). It’s a completely new design and also contains a lot of new features and improvements, based on user feedback I received over time. Below is  a sneak peek video of the big update.
Additionally, I also give sneak peeks with screenshots in our newsletter Moto Intel Report. Here you can see past editions. Subscribing is possible through in the sidebar here (or if you’re on iPhone, below this article.

I’ve also been working on two additional ‘High Constrast’ map styles, which will be included in the big update.
Q: When is it ready?
A: This summer
Q: When Android?
A: After the big iOS update is out!
Q: Will I keep my purchases?
A: Yes, you’ll only get more for them. Never less!


Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Freddy Priem says:

    Ik kijk al uit naar de nieuwe update. Deze is al sowieso zeer gebruiksvriendelijk

  • David Gerson says:

    I would just point out that one of the challenges of Scenic, and I want you to win (!) is that you are trying to fit a TON of visual candy onto a smartphone screen which is problematic because 1. Theyre generlaly smaller than GPS units and 2. They dont perform in the sunlight nearly as well.

    I really love your product in a lot of ways and I want you to beat TomTom but I hooe you are paying attention to the reaction time since I listen to GPS through Sena Bluetooth and keep eyes on road, and the visibility especially when on small roads in Italy, for instance.

    I can re send all the ideas I sent after my Alps and Germany/France trip last summer.

    • Guido says:

      Hi David,

      Still have your email and am taking it into account during design. Cheers and thanks again for the positive feedback. I appreciate it.


  • Bertrand Steurer says:

    Cool! Looking forward to trying the update. Great app as it is! Thank you and have a Merry Christmas! Bert- Montreal-Canada

  • Steve North says:

    Please make the speed limit indicator BIGGER. I do not wear glasses yet but things are starting to get fussy on the screen and I can’t see it and the color red definitely is fussy. Give us a choice. Good app. I have the full version.

    • Guido says:

      Yes. This is one of the big improvements. Readbility, bigger, more contrast while riding. Thanks for your support and have a greet new year.

  • Linda F (LindaMews) says:

    Great app, I use it exclusively when planning and riding routes on the bike. When I have a dozen bikes behind me on a group ride I know I can count on Scenic. Keep up the good work Guido, as a fellow rider I know you ‘get it’. I’m really looking forward to the Android release for my friends that don’t have iPhones. I’ll keep recommending Scenic to all my Motorcycle riding friends.

  • Denis Bissonnette says:

    I love your App. When I use it, I’m like a kid at Christmas. I will try to download a ride to my Garmin and see how it performs.

    Keep on your amazing work.
    Denis (Canada)

  • Mark says:

    Love the app. Thanks for the sneak peak. Looking forward to the updates. My one request is that you add a feature that allows the rider to temporarily turn off guidance while on a trip and then resume guidance later on. Sometimes I know I want to divert and I don’t want the route guidance to keep telling me to make a u turn, but then I want it to pick up my route when I get back on track. Thanks!

    • Guido says:

      Hi Mark,

      It’s already possible to mute the voice but not pause the instructions on screen. To mute the voice, tap the map while navigating. A few buttons will appear. One of them mutes the voice guidance.

      Hope this helps?

  • Peter says:

    Great product. It has saved me buying a GPS. One enhancement may be a display line showing next major town and distance. Or maybe a log of towns and distances on a seperate page. This would be great for knowing how far to lunch/fuel/accom etc.

    • Guido says:

      I’m planning to add the ‘stop’ concept where a ‘stop’ is a special via point that you’ll see on the map while navigating and also get information on like distance to stops, time to stops, etc. Would that address your point?

  • Steve says:

    Get rid of loops please. I loaded in my maps and painstakingly removed loops and saved the edits, they just came back when I used them on the actual trip

    • Guido says:

      Yes. Working on that. Can’t make any promises yet.

      • hbokel says:

        Scenic is demanding an internet connection if the “kurviger” option is selected. Is this because the route is actually calculated by

      • Guido says:

        Indeed. Kurviger calculates the curvy route and sends the coordinates along the route to Scenic. Scenic than calculates the route with its own routing engine. If you create a route with curvy routing and then save that route, an internet connection is no longer required.

  • Lars says:

    Harpy newyear
    I’am looking forward to the big release. I use the free version atm. and are very satishfied, but consider to buy the full.
    Is it posible to ‘put’ and extra feature in a allready good product ? I’am thinking of a logbook, you can use, when you have done services on your bike – oil change and other related things.

    • Guido says:

      I’ve already built it. If you look at the sneak peak video, in the vehicle tab, you’ll see a vehicle history section.

  • Brad says:

    Still wanting an “Update All” for the offline maps. The demo above is better than the old, but will still take too long for a long list of maps. I have 54 of them, and it takes forever now to update them all. Even though the new method will download multiple maps at once, we would still have to touch every one of them.

    • Guido says:

      There are some technical reasons why I don’t want to do that (server performance being the most important one). Also you might want to consider not having all states downloaded on your device all the time. Most people won’t travel all states between map updates (which are released every half year or so) and in the big update it becomes very easy to remove and download regions on demand, as you need/don’t need them.

  • Nonodrivr says:


    A good friend told me to use Scenic, and then That was THE solution to all my road trips.. with only GMaps & Waze..

    Unfortunately I am with an Android phone for one week.. Can’t wait for the Android Version!! Spring 2019??

    Thanks a lot,


  • Nik says:

    When I import locations via the WebApp I’d like the option on the device to import all locations instead of having to select and save each individual location. (I usually use a KMZ file exported from Google Maps)

  • Tank says:

    Hey there. Love the app. Been using it for a few years while living in Japan.

    Any updates on when the “Big Update” will release? Good luck.



    • Guido says:

      Not at the moment. I report on progress a bit in our newsletter, moto Intel report. You can subscribe to it here on the blog below the recommended products. Here’s what I wrote last Friday:

      “Work on Scenic’s big update is coming along nicely. If you followed the journey you know it’s going to have a completely new design and loads of new features. Mostly features that have been highly requested over time, by you guys. One of those features is the ability to better organize, sort and search for routes, trips and locations. Imagine you are going on a big road trip and have prepared a route for each day of the trip. With the big update you will be able to put those routes into a seperate folder so you can easily find them. To get an idea, have a look at the screenshots above. Lastly I want to get ahead of you and answer a few questions that I get a lot:
      Q: When is the big update ready? A: Early Spring!
      Q: When Android? A: After the big iOS update is out!
      Q: Will I keep my purchases? A: Yes, you’ll only get more for them. Never less!”

  • Jim Brasic says:

    Any place we can sign up to get notification when you release Android ver.? I don’t want to miss it! I would also be happy to be on your beta team! I am not an app developer, but I am an IT professional!

    • Guido says:

      Hi Jim,

      Best thing you can do is sign up to our newsletter Moto Intel Report. I’m reporting on app updates there. There’s a box to sign-up here in the side bar (or if you’re on iPhone, below these comments). I’ll also be reporting here and on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter) too. You can follow us through the links in the side bar too.

      When I’m getting close to releasing an Android beta I’ll ask for beta testers through these channels. I’m not maintaining a list for Android beta testers just yet, as it’s still quite far in the future.


  • Berthold says:

    Looking really forward to the update! Not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere yet, but one of the major issues I have with navigation is when detours are required during a trip (e.g. through roadworks), I find it extremely difficult to temporarily leave a route, drive a short detour and then continue the route as soon as I come back to the route originally planned, after the detour, if there is a waypoint in the section that I omitted due to a roadblock. The nav then tries to constantly route me back to the omitted waypoint. If there’s a way to make this easier to deal with, that would be perfect!

  • Frank says:

    To make something simple is the hardest thing to do. Guido, I really appreciate the effort, you are doing a great job.

  • Heiko Schiemann says:

    Hi Guido,
    any news about the release date ?
    Best regards

  • Brendan Lacey says:

    Since my update 3 days ago, app will not open, the loading screen goes to open, there is a sound of a bike and then it just crashes

    • Guido says:

      This is actually a bug in iOS13. iOS 12 had the ‘Always’ location access possibility. iOS13 doesn’t. Somehow the iOS13 update does not migrate this setting correctly from iOS12.

      Solution 1:
      Go to iOS Settings App > Scenic and disable location services. Then, restart Scenic. Now you can go back to the iOS Settings App and turn location services back on.

      Solution 2:
      If solution 1 might not work for some reason, try and remove the app from your device and re-download it from the app store.

      If none of these work, please let me know.
      Best regards,

  • Brendan Lacey says:

    I used the app flawlessly in italy on my bike trip all around italy 6-16th September, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland

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