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Scenic 3 Sneak Peek

By 17.07.20216 Comments

Scenic 3 is the next major iteration to Scenic: the number one rated motorcycle navigation and adventure app. It features new maps, updated motorcycle routing, a refreshed look and feel, improvements to organizing your routes, rides and locations, renewed navigation and much more. Here’s a sneak peek.

This time I’m sharing a few screens in dark mode with you. One thing jumps out immediately. The dashboard-wheel-menu that Scenic 2 is known for, has been replaced by a slide-in panel. After long deliberation we decided on this to (1) make more room available on the screen (2) provide better overview of available menu options and (3) make more room for future menu items.

The right screenshot shows the new ‘Organizer’ list in dark mode. Scenic 3 has such a list for your rides, your routes and your locations. The rows in the lists also contain a small map preview now, making it a lot easier to recognize rides/routes/locations and select the one you want. Organizing into folders also becomes a lot easier in Scenic 3. Now you can delete entire folders even if they are not empty, and delete and move multiple rides/routes/locations at once.

The middle screenshot shows the slightly redesigned navigation screen. Don’t let the ‘slight’ fool you though. The navigation screen is where the true improvent of Scenic 3 lies. The new maps and new routing algorythm enable better voice guidance, a do-not-recalculate-on-detour option, satelite maps, better speed limit data, and that’s just to name a few things.

The support article on Scenic 3 has been updated to answer your most recent questions. When will it be in the App Store, you ask? By end of summer!



Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Andreas Jessel says:

    Are you planning on making Scenic work on Apple Car Play? Please!!!

  • Kam says:

    Hello Guido,

    I hope you are well.

    I’ve been using my Scenic app on regular basis this year. I find it such a marvelous companion to my Garmin Montana 650t. I keep the Track version of same route on Montana and load the Route version of route on Scenic. I’ve become so accustomed to this mode. I keep the Scenic zoomed in and Montana further out. This gives me different perspective of road ahead. Also provides me a backup. I am hooked.

    Please keep the new version 3.0 of Scenic with same nice Bold and Crisp letters with same bright color Contrast Some of us are getting old and our eyesight is aging. I also love your Folder system for organizing my Routes and Waypoints.

    THANKS. I don’t know how I managed without Scenic .


    • Guido says:

      Hi Kam. Thanks for the kind words. I understand the remark. At 45 I’m not far away from needing reading glasses myself (although I’ll probably have some years of denial to go) 🤓 . The goal with Scenic 3 is to keep contrast and readability the same at least, and improve iwhere possible.

  • Oldriderth says:

    Hi Guido,

    I am a faithful user of Scenic. Unfortunately having some vision issues I had to go for a 8pm tablet and so got a Samsung Tab 8’’.
    I had to find a new navigation app and got OsMand for now.
    I am now longing to see your Android version to go back using Scenic which is by far my preferred navigation app.
    Do we have any chance to see it soon?

  • Hans Meyer says:

    Although not a motor driver, I am using Scenic for years now while planning and driving with my convertible. I use on old iPad with special mount to use Scenic in the (old) convertible. As I’m in process of buying a newer one, with Carplay, your timing of Scenic 3.0 couldn’t be better! I can recommend everybody using Scenic for beautiful convertible trips! Thanks for all the great work.

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