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Are Chinese Internal Combustion Engines Taking Over?

By 16.07.2021No Comments

There is a number of relatively new Chinese engine factories that started or are going to start producing 1000 cc and bigger engine blocks for motorcycles. Among others there are Zeths, Weisenke and Zontes. Doesn’t ring a bell right?

I am not sure how I feel about this new development, but just as with Harley Davidson, we should not write them off before trying. We will start seeing these Chinese companies more and more, despite perhaps a subpar reputation

Some of you might be familiar with Benelli, which is owned by Qianjiang. They have now launched a 1200 cc three-cylinder tourer. They also managed to make a deal with MV Agusta in order to start producing their 1000 cc four-cylinder engines.

It might seem like electrical engines are taking over in the West, petrol heads worldwide should be keeping an eye on these new developments from the East, where it seems like the internal combustion engine is getting a new lease on life from China. There is a number of other interesting collaborations coming up as well.

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