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Navigate your RouteYou Motorcycle Routes with Scenic

By 04.11.2016June 21st, 20172 Comments

RouteYou and Scenic Integration is a fact

  1. Create Motorcycle Routes with the RouteYou online routeplanner, or find an existing route in the high quality curated RouteYou database and add it to your favourites
  2. Access your RouteYou routes from within Scenic
  3. Import them and start navigating

It’s as simple as that!



In the future RouteYou will also provide ‘Send to Scenic’ buttons on their website to make this even easier for you.




Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Casey hampton says:

    Hello’ I really appreciate your app it’s great.
    Gaia has one thing over on you though. It’s creating a route. Even on google maps there are broken lines on the map. Meaning a road that ends and continues only a few yards beyond. In my experience it’s a creek crossing ect. Please fix your creator so you can keep creating your app instead of it adding a alternative route. A must for me. I ride dirt roads.

    • Hi Casey,

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Gaia doesn’t give turn-by-turn and voice instructions, right? That’s the main reason why it’s very difficult to create the functionality you are describing. For more info as to why see my this blog article. I will look into it though.

      The route creator indeed routes you over known roads. So it can’t route you over roads it doesn’t know exist (often dirt roads) and thus sends you over the roads it does know to guide you from one via point to the next. I will see what I can do to add this functionality of ‘broken lines’. In the mean time you could do 2 things (both not ideal). Import and save a route as offroad. That will simply draw a line between all the points in the GPX route. You won’t get voice instructions for offroad routes though. Or… just plan the route with the unintentionally detours the route calculates. Once you start navigating just ignore the detours. It will recognise when you drive at the other side of the creek (for example) and start routing you from that point onwards to the end again.
      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

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