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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – Oct 26, 2018

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Winter is coming. Journeys about courage, fortitude and compassion.

Oct 26, 2018


The last few weeks I’ve been visiting family and friends on the other side of the pond, in Norway and the Netherlands. I didn’t have time to go for a ride, but was reminded of the seasonality of motorcycle riding. Even though the weather was amazing for this time of year, the number of bikes on the road was not very high.
My guess is that a lot of riders put their bike in winter storage, not expecting mid october to be as great as it was. The last few days though, rain and cold weather invaded the country. Winter is coming!
This means less occasion for riding, but, on the bright side, more time to read up on the latest motorcycle news. And of course MIR is here to help.
In this week’s Moto Intel Report we show you the list of unveiled motorcycles at Intermot, put two of our users in the spotlight for their amazing journey, describe an epic route in the Pyrenees, some basic maintenance, and awesome gear and gadgets.
Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…



The Curvy Pyrenees


If curves are your thing, few places are better for driving than the French and Spanish Pyrenees. While there’s many ways to cross the Pyrenees, the East-to-West Perpignan (France) to San Sebastian route is famous for its stunning views, twisties, good wine and tasty cheese.

Road conditions on the 921km long road are near-optimal, with just some rougher patches towards the end of the route. The guys at motorcycle diaries offer a GPX download, and our Scenic App also provides 100+ different routes through the Pyrenees.


Cardo Packtalk SlimRoam
The best motorcycle com system of 2018An affordable yet sturdy universal mount
We get a commission if you order through this link.We get a commission if you order through this link.
Have a lookHave a look


Unveiled motorcycles at Intermot 2018

Intermot is always good for some new motorcycle unveilings. This year quite some brands renewed their model range with entirely new models or updates to existing ones. Kawasaki, Indian, Suzuki, KTM, Ducati, Triumph, Yamaha, Moto Guzi and Apprillia all showed us something new. Here’s a list of all the unveiled bikes. Some of them already leaked to the press before, but plenty of surprises left.



RyanF9’s essential tasks for every rider

For those riders on the southern hemisphere who are getting their bikes ready for the upcoming summer I picked this video from RyanF9 who claims he sucks at mechanics. Even still, he eventually mastered these essential tasks that every motorcyclist should learn; he clearly explains how to balance a wheel, how to gab a spark plug, break and rivet a chain and how to check wheel alignment. Check out this 10 minute video.


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Jay and Stella

Life is a gift, and there are those that live life to the full measure. Everyone has a story, be it of courage, fortitude or compassion. Jay and Stella want to hear yours and be the platform to give voice to those stories. Their own story is quite amazing too. Just to name a few things: walking the Camino de Santiago twice, 25 years of marriage, living in Bejing, selling their house and now travelling through the US in a motorcycle and side car. Check out their amazing journey here.



Must-Have Motorcycle Gear & Accessories for Winter Riding

Although I am located in Mexico, for most of us here on the northern hemisphere winter is approaching rapidly and there are a couple things you can do to keep riding with a smile. It all starts with getting your bike ready for winter and the core essential to stay warm: outer layer, insulation, and base layer, winter riding pants as well as protecting the extremities: gloves, boots, and helmets. With the proper gear winter riding can be loads of fun! Check out Motomappers’ article.



Thermal underwear

Winter is coming, and as we’re about to put the clock one hour back, the ones of us that continue to ride have to defy cold and rainy weather. A good gore-tex outfit is helpful, but in order to keep your body temperature regulated, you might want to invest in a good set of thermal underwear.

Brands such as Klim, Rev’It and Dainese offer decent underwear, but my personal favorite is the Rukka Outlast shirt and pants. The shirt keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. I have used it for skiing trips in Whistler and as single layer on hot riding days in Mexico. The combination doesn’t come cheap ($69.00 for the shirt and $69 for the pants), but believe me… it’s worth it.




This picture was taken by Brent, who arrived early for a ferry and went off to snap some travel pictures. The bike was not damaged. You’re a lucky guy Brent!


What’s your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle shot? Share your pic with us and we might just put it in the next Moto Intel Report.



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