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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – July 27, 2018

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July 27, 2018


While weather records are being broken in Europe and wild fires plague Greece, Sweden and California, the rest of the world has had its fair share of hot weather too. Boiling hot temperatures didn’t keep us from pulling our bikes out last weekend for a little road trip though… have you? Send us your summer roadtrip pics and get featured in the Moto Intel Report.
This week, I review the natural successor of Ducati’s blockbuster, the 800cc Scrambler, Jasper talks baby wipes (?) and the perfect jacket fit, while Guido takes you to Vietnam and reveals the truth about aftermarket exhausts.
Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…





Riding around on a motorcycle is not top of mind for most ‘westerners’ when thinking about Vietnam. Think again! Scenic coastlines, beyond-stunning countryside views, coffee plantations, rice terraces, water buffaloes, and more. Nothing can really prepare you for the exotic beauty and unique cultural heritage that Vietnam offers. Octavia, one of MotoMappers’ frequent guest writers, gives you 6 Thrilling Road Trips in Vietnam to Add to Your Bucket List. Definitely worth a read, with beautiful pictures too, even if you’re not planning to go there.


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Ducati 1100 Scrambler

The success of 803cc 2015 Ducati Scrambler is undeniable. Down here in Mexico City, I see them almost every day, and they’ve become crucial in Ducati’s overall growth strategy. While the 800cc L-twin certainly isn’t an underpowered motorcycle, the company couldn’t afford to fall behind BMW (R Nine T and scrambler) and created a meaner and bigger brother: the 1100 Scrambler.

The new frame, wider wheelbase and improved ergonomics make this bike more suitable for the taller riders among us. Ducati offers it in 3 editions; Base, Special and Sport. JF motorcycles has tested the bike in the Czech Republic – have a look!



Aftermarket Exhausts

An Aftermarket Exhaust is one of the most popular modifications for motorcycles. Not just for the sound, but also for looks and performance. You have to wonder though: Does it actually increase performance? Is it worth it overall? Especially considering costs and increasingly strict laws on noise ‘polution’. Motorcycle Garage’s Ari reveals the Truth About Aftermarket Exhausts and in the process explains the inner workings of exhausts in general.



Baby Wipes

Recently I discovered one of the coolest, for me unexpected, low-tech gadgets around: Baby wipes. The parents among us will agree that baby wipes were a brilliant invention and are as multi-purpose as it gets. Ideal for cleaning your vizor with because no harsh chemicals are used. When on a trip, always bring them to clean helmets, vizors, headlights or your boots. They leave a bit of a smear so make sure to wipe your vizor after cleaning.



Measuring and selecting proper jacket size

You can have the fanciest motorcycle jacket available but if it does not fit it is pretty useless when you hit the pavement. So, how do you make sure your jacket is right for you? Choosing the right size is difficult in itself, and even more difficult when ordering online. The guys at RevZilla have put together a guide on how to measure and select the proper motorcycle jacket size for you.



Duty Hero mode set to Maximum

Aaron, from the UK, sent us this picture: “saw this badger suddenly catch alight had to stop and check everyone got out. The car went bang a few times before the emergency services turned up and dealt with it.” Everyone made it out OK. Thanks for saving lives and thanks for sharing Aaron!

Everyone made it out OK thanks to our MC Hero – Salisburry UK, by Aaron


What’s your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle shot? Share your pic with us and we might just put it in the next Moto Intel Report.



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