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Lockdown & Exercise

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As the coronavirus spreads, more and more countries are restricting activities and movement for their citizens. Jasper, Guido and I managed to squeeze out one last trip before the coronacrisis. Here’s the trip, shared through Scenic’s new ‘share’ feature: https://scenicapp.space/ride/EeAvyZwU

While we’re all dying to go out for a ride, it’s wise to leave the bike home for a bit. Hospitals are quickly filling up with corona patients, and chances are that, in the event of an accident, you may not get attended as promptly.

Riding a motorcycle is generally seen as a low-impact activity, because it seems like the motorcycle is doing most of the work, but professional riders will tell you otherwise. Strength, stamina and flexibility are crucial when riding bikes.

So, stuck at home, what kind of exercise can one do to stay fit for a long ride once the lockdown gets lifted?

Flexibility Exercises for Motorcycling

Starting with flexibility, hip and groin flexibility are important when manoeuvring on a motorcycle. This video gives you some practical tips to avoid and ease hip flexor pain when riding. And here are some exercises to strengthen your hips.

Stamina Exercises for Motorcycling

Sitting at home doing nothing is not a great way to build stamina of course. While the best way to stay fit for longer motorcycle trips is cycling (speed, trail or just casual city cycling), climbing stairs is the next best thing you can do inside. It’s also a great exercise to burn fat; On average, you burn about 0.17 calories for every step you climb and every stair descended burns about 0.05… that’s about twice as fast as running.

Strenght Exercises for Motorcycling

Lastly, strength is an important factor too. Whether you ride a light motorcycle or a heavy Honda Goldwing, a strong core, legs and arms are important, but upper back and shoulders are probably as important to train. Core exercises include: plank, curl-up and bird-dog. I found this video pretty helpful. To train your leg strength, squats and squats and squats. I usually do a few while showering. Upper back and shoulder exercises should include pull-ups and some dumbbell pressing. This article shows you 10 easy to-do exercises.

Stay fit and stay inside!  



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