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the ‘BIG CLEANUP’ update

By 28.06.20172 Comments

It was quite a wait, but finally it’s here. A new Scenic update is available in the app store now.

Phased Release

Its release is phased over the next 7 days, meaning that only 1% of users get it today, 2% tomorrow, 5% friday, etc.
If you can’t wait and want it NOW, you can manually go to Scenic in the App Store App and get the update like that.

Release notes

The “Big Cleanup”. Improvements to stability, performance and usability. Plus lots of small and bigger bug fixes. Special thanks to Bill for testing and moral support!
The most noteworthy items:
– Auto Zoom Improvements, incl zoom buttons
– Sound Engine Improvements, incl bluetooth HFP
– Bad GPS Reception handling
– Map Rotation Stuck
– Improvements to Sync
– No more forced portrait mode
– Next turn arrow showing immediately
– Updated Support & FAQs
– Added Diagnostics
– Improvements to route matching import
– Fix for persistent ‘No Offline Maps’ alert
– Backup trip logs saved on device




Independent Developer of ScenicApp


  • Hólmar says:

    Love the app? One thing confuses me what idoes he message not syncing in low power mode mean. Sync what?

    • Guido says:

      Your data (routes, trips, vehicles, favorite locations, level, points, etc) is synced with the Scenic server. This serves as a backup (so you won’t loose your data if you loose or break your iPhone) and also enables using Scenic on multiple devices. E.g. Quite some users have Scenic on their iPad (to create routes on the bigger screen) and use their iPhone on their motorcycle (for navigation). Routes created on iPad sync to server and con equently also appear on the iPhone as iPhone also syncs with server. For this to work you need to add an email to your Scenic account and be logged in with that same email on both devices. In low power mode syncing is disabled to save battery and prevent data loss due to interrupted syncs.

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