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Yamaha Considers Developing A Tenere 300

By 20.08.2020August 26th, 2020No Comments

The Yamaha Tenere 700 has only just been launched (here in Mexico we still have to wait a few months), and given the success of this type of bike, Yamaha is now said to be looking into developing a smaller version.

Yamaha is one of last of the big brands to join the party.  KTM’s 390 Adventure and BMW’s 310GS are selling fast in a market that is increasingly demanding nimble, easy-to-drive all-terrain motorcycles for a decent price. 

A Tenere 300 would do especially well in some of the fastest-growing markets for motorcycles such as South-East Asia and Latin America.

So, how likely is the development of a Tenere 300, and how long would it take for Yamaha to bring the bike on the market? Quite likely we think.

In an interview with Motociclismo, Production Communications manager for Yamaha Italy, Fabricio Corsi said that Yamaha could develop a Tenere 300 if there would be enough demand for it. The powerful R3 engine with a 321cc displacement is ready to compete with KTM, BMW and the other Japanese brands, and if Yamaha manages to keep the price close or under U.S. $5000, it may well become a sales hit in emerging markets.

Despite the already developed engine, the Yamaha Tenere 300, if announced, isn’t likely to be in the showrooms before 2023.



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