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What New Features To Expect From The Big 2024 Update | Scenic 3.5

By 29.01.202420 Comments

Attention all Scenic riders!

Scenic 3.5 is just around the corner. And, while it’s been a bit of a journey to get to this point (thanks to a broken leg), everyone should be able to get the new update in the first week of February

So you can get the most out of the new features, turn automatic updates on in the AppStore or update Scenic directly

To get you even more excited, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the new features that you will soon be able to add to your adventure arsenal.

What new features can I expect from Scenic 3.5?

There are plenty of new features coming with the big update, so let’s get into it.

Safety Camera Alerts

This is a big one. Available in most countries*, the new safety camera alerts will let you know when speed cameras are approaching

While we are sure every member of our community rides safely, having an extra pair of eyes in the sky will help you stay one step ahead – especially in places you’ve never ridden before. 

By staying sharp, you can stay safe (and avoid those fines!)

* Unfortunately, safety cameras are not available in some countries. Most notably, Germany and Switzerland. HERE maps doesn’t include them for legal reasons. We’re already looking at other sources and we’re aiming to include them in the coming year.

Traffic Flow Layer

One of the new map layers (more on that in a second) is the Traffic Flow layer. 

This will clearly show traffic congestion visible on the map, helping you weave through built-up areas easily. 

Scenic also will show you road closures, meaning fewer surprises on the road and more adventure ahead. 

With the new layers, you’ll be able to escape gridlock and find the open road faster!

More Map Layers & Points of Interest (POIs)

Every rider has their preference, and different adventures call for different settings. With more map layers, you’re in control. 

Scenic 3.5 lets you customize your view of the road – whether it’s tracking traffic congestion, finding the nearest fuel station, motorcycle services for those extra adventurous rides, or showing you your next favourite bar or restaurant for those more casual rides. 

Whatever you’re looking for, map layers let you ride your way.

Improved Google Map Import

We’ve also improved how we import routes directly from Google Maps URLs. Stop and stop names will be automatically added to your Scenic app. 

This makes it even easier to plan group rides with friends on your desktop. Simply plan on Google Maps, import into Scenic, send the Scenic link to your buddies, and you’re ready to ride! 

Dirt Roads are now clearly visible

For those who love to get really adventurous, Scenic 3.5 now shows dirt stretches of road clearly on the calculated route

This means you can be even safer on the road, adjusting your riding style for different terrains. 

The new feature is perfect for anyone who rides both on and off-road, to get off the beaten track.

New HERE Map Framework

Central to everything with the update is the new HERE Map Framework. Essentially, we’re updating the entire backbone of the app. 

And, it’s not just a 2024 update… we’re future-proofing Scenic for years to come. Not only will every turn and every stretch of the road be more responsive and accurate, but it will also allow us to add more of your feature requests in the future.

Welcome to Scenic’s next chapter

Trust me when I say, this is just the beginning. There are plenty more features and BIG news coming your way in 2024. 

I can’t wait for you all to experience all the new features in Scenic 3.5. Make sure to share your thoughts with an AppStore review or on our forum.



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  • Filip says:

    Really looking forward to this! Scenic was already my favourite app… now it will become unbeatable! Go, Scenic!!

  • Paul_Guertin says:

    There is no mention of the changes to the pricing system and the removal of credits. Is this still expected to occur with version 3.5?

    • Guido says:

      Yes. You’ll find that in the “What’s New” pop-up when you start the app the first time after you have the update.

      • Paul_Guertin says:

        Wonderful. Can’t wait for the update! (Then the wait for the snow to disappear will begin 😥)
        Thanks Guido!

  • Carlos says:

    This is awesome! Now I just need nice weather to check it out

  • Zero2Go says:

    I still have credits on my account. What will happen with it after the update? Will I get a refund or will they be deducted from my annual fee for the Premium account?

  • Edvinas says:

    Most important question for me – when Scenic for android? ❤️

  • DS13 says:

    Ich habe die lebenslange Premium Version gekauft. Wie geht es damit weiter? Ich bin kein Abo Freund und habe mich explizit für das Kaufmodell entschieden.
    Wird es für meine Version eine Weiterentwicklung geben?

  • Pete Juzl says:

    Hi, regarding speed camera alerts I believe it is illegal to have this capability in France. Is there a control for the user to disable it please? Being in the UK all our bike tours in Europe at the very least begin with some French roads! Many thanks.

  • Richard says:

    Hello, nice new functions. On the other hand, with the new version 3.5, some routes have been modified and no longer go through the original path. Is it possible that the new version takes into account the roads closed in winter? If so, is it possible to deactivate this function? The routes I am currently planning are planned for a trip next summer.

    • Guido says:

      Yes. This is possible. I’m releasing an update next week with this fixed. With that update you will only get a warning if the route contains seasonally closed roads, but the route will calculate with them in it.

  • Nicolas says:

    I’ve been using Rever for several years with mixed results. A fellow rider recommended this app and I instantly found it more user friendly this past weekend. Paid for a subscription right away and cancelled my Rever sub. Eager for the new feature improvements… especially for dirt routes.

  • Jurgen says:

    Hi Guido,
    I love the GUI and this nice graphical design. Since I prefer dirt roads / offroad parts I was amazed by your announcement that “Dirt Roads are now clearly visible”.
    However, I don’t manage to see any of these even if I plan a route with Vias. The app ignores my dirt part and only shows the “official” route as close as it can get.
    Please let me know how I can check out this dirt road feature.
    Many thanks

    • Guido says:

      You can make dirt roads visible through a custom map style, and by forcing the route to take the dirt roads by dropping via points. Scenic knows most bigger dirt roads, however if Scenic thinks you are not allowed to go on that dirt road or it doesn’t know it exists, it can’t guide you over it.

  • MarkM says:

    Great updates Guido 🙂 Just waiting for the web browser route planning and my Bike nav app will be complete!

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