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Top motorcycle pranks during Corona april fools

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In these weird times a bit of fun can be the difference between having a boring and a not-so-boring day. Depending on where you are and what the Coronavirus measures in your country are, you could try this at home:

Transparent scratch stickers

A scratch on the bike directly hurts the emotions of a true biker. So, go ahead and stick some 3D scratch stickers on some part of your friend’s motorcycle. The moment he sees them, he would be forced to think of where such mishap must have happened.

Sticky notes

The sticky notes come with an aim to stick them to places so that you can write something you don’t want to forget. However, on April Fool’s Day, you can use them the other way round. Stick these notes on the motorcycle of the victim in a way that it takes an effort to take them off. Cover the entire portion of the vehicle with these sticky notes, which would eventually make it come across as funny and bizarre.

Fake sale sign

You can put a ‘For Sale’ banner on the two-wheeler of your friend with his phone number written at the bottom of it. The random calls he will receive for the purpose of selling his bike will blow him away.

Move the bike to a funny place

This prank could scare the hell out of the victim so be careful. Move the motorcycle of the person to another, preferably funny, place. After he finishes scratching his head looking out for his beloved machine, he should be able to find it at it’s new location.

Remove the spark plug

Remove the spark plug of his motorcycle to leave him puzzled the moment he starts his bike. The engine will start making initial start-up note but due to the removed spark plug, it will fail to start. Due to this, your friend will be forced to think that his bike might have gone into a malfunctioning state. I’d be pretty pissed off.

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