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Top 5 YouTube Channels to improve your motorcycle riding skills

By 26.08.202019 Comments

Over the years I’ve watched many videos on riding skills. Some good, some bad and some just downright awfull. To save you the effort of going through this all, I’ve listed my personal top 5 YouTube channels that help me brush up and improve my motorcycle riding skills.

This list is in no particular order.


MotoJitsu is hosted by Fast Eddie, a former marine and drill instructor. “Shut up and practice” is his motto. He developed a program that takes riders from beginner level (white belt) to expert level (black belt / coral belt), similar to Jiu Jitsu, hence the name. In his video he demonstrates the skills you need to master for each ‘belt’. His channel also has lots of specialised videos on specific riding topics. It’s all about street riding.


CanyonChasers has a long history and came about by a group of people in Southern California wanting to improve their riding skills. Some of them became instructors. In the videos it’s mostly Dave sharing his experience and knowledge about riding techniques, moto philosophy and learning how to ride well. Like MotoJitsu, CanyonChasers is focussed on street riding.


MCRider is hosted by Kevin Morris, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control certified instructor. Kevin has a very calm presence in his videos and a vast amount of experience in the field. His videos are mostly shot from his garage, with some images and videos to illustrate the skill or technique he’s trying to explain, where applicable. Like the other two above, MCRider is also focussed on street riding.

MotoTrek / Bret Tkacs

These are actually two channels. Bret Tkacs was the main presenter in the MotoTrek videos, but recently started his own channel. MotoTrek is still active, now with Rusty Wessels as main presenter. Also an excellent instructor. Both channels focus on offroad riding techniques. For someone like me, who recently started dipping his toe into offroad riding, these channels are an enormous help and source of information for learning (besides doing actual courses of course).

RIDE Adventures

The RIDE Adventures channel is hosted by Eric Lange, who has been an instructor and motorcycle tour guide for over 10 years. Like MotoTrek this channel is also focussed on Offroad riding skills.

So there you have it. My top 5 YouTube channels for brushing up and improving my riding skills. If you know of any other great channels that should go on this list, please leave a comment below.



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  • Larry Venezia says:

    another channel with excellent road strategy instruction is Seaflyfisher. He hasn’r produced anything recently but his videos are unsurpassed in my opinion

  • Tony Pereira says:

    Even after riding for most of my 51 years on this planet, I still learn from videos like these. Thanks for sharing. I’ve got some watching to do!
    Also, pretty sure that CanyonChasers is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, not California, but I could be wrong.

  • Jeff Surette says:

    Another great resource is Ken Condon. I’ve learned a LOT from his books and videos as well as his instruction at track days here in New England.

    • Ken Kotz says:

      I second Ken Condon’s resources. He’s been teaching and professionally writing about motorcycle riding for decades and puts out a tone of free content on his website and youtube channels. I’ve personally learned a ton from his content and also from working one-on-one with him.
      For more dirt-oriented riding, I also recommend the “everide” and “enduro cross training” youtube channels.

  • Ed says:

    In this list Keith Code should be mentioned. I think he opened the first riding school in California and he has reached many champions in the last few decades. He has one video (and book) which is known very well: ‘A twist of the wrist’ which is also known as ‘the cornering bible’. The acting is a little out dated but the information is awesome.

  • Stu says:

    Thanks for mentioning MCrider in your top five – whether you are a seasoned riding honing your skills and strategy or a new rider trying not drop your first bike…MCrider has inspired many of us to become better riders. You have listed some top notch sites to learn from and I am glad to see MCrider listed as one of the best. Kevin Morris has also created a forum for riders worldwide to sharing and grow together.
    Thanks for sharing your list!

  • Jo Buetow says:

    Thank you for listing MCrider! He’s my main source for road skills and road strategy since I’ve begun riding a few years back. I love the tone of his videos, like sitting across from a friend or mentor, soak it all in.

  • Coach Bob says:

    This is a great list, Guido. Thanks for posting this.

    I agree that others deserve honorable mention as well. Keith Code, Ken Condon… I actually was lucky enough to have Ken Condon as my instructor at the track about 15 years ago.

    Being a private coach myself… I’ve been part of the MCrider universe for a couple of years now, and I’d argue that there is likely not any better place on the web that is as organized and useful for training as MCrider is. There is a subscription based system which gives special access to training content and a very active member forum, where students and coaches get to interact every day. It is more than worth the small monthly cost.

    Coach Bob

  • Guido says:

    Thanks for all the additions. Great that there are so much more resources available to us. I will expand this article over time with all the great additions mentioned here.

  • Dinklock says:

    MCRider – If you’re only watching the YouTube channel, you’re missing out on 80% of the training. The forum for MCRider is more valuable that all of these channels combined.

  • Safety-Dave says:

    Great idea to list the “Top 5 YouTube Channels to improve your motorcycle riding skills” … narrows down what is worth your watch time, however, MCrider takes it to the next level… Kevin Morris is the complete package with respect to giving and getting sound safe riding narratives and videos… MCrider has the “Trifecta” for learning… “Friday Videos” (every Friday Kevin authors a safe riding video) – “Field Guide” ( Kevin provides this tool via your membership to have on your person via smartphone-diagramed exercises for parking lot practice) – And the infamous “Forums”… where members can seek out answers and share experiences which help ALL who participate… and Kevin smartly made this a “Pay-to-Play” site which eliminates the nay-sayers and disrupters to practically nil… I am an MSF certified Rider-Coach and my students are all encouraged to join “MCrider”… As I tell them… MCrider is “Simply the Best” place for continuing your Life Long Learning ( I also promote joining the AMA) as you continue to become an accomplished Motorcyclist… Lastly… MCrider is a Global Site Community… which means we have many insights from riders all over the world… very enlightening and truly enjoyable to meet and converse with fellow riders from New Zealand to Romania… and everywhere in between… “Simply the Best”…

  • Peter says:

    Seconding what others have said about MCRider’s forums—it’s where I go to have friendly, informed, and safety-minded discussion.


    You could have not put together a better list. All of them are the go to for learning to ride and then improve your ride.
    I started watching Kevin’s videos (MCRider) right after my BRC and learn a lot. It helped me improve in no time (other than the multiple hours practicing his drills) and was one of my inspirations to becoming a Ridercoach myself.
    Fast Eddie (Motojitsu) is my go to for advanced maneuvers and finding that channel lead me to CanyonChasers who have amazing technique videos.
    Once I got my big ADV bike, Bret and the folks for MotoTrek became my ADV riding bible.

    This is the best list I’ve ever seen compiled. Gratz ppl.

  • A different Fast Eddie says:

    Great list. I believe MCrider is among the best available. As has already been stated by so many others, the forum that Kevin has is the absolute best forum available because it’s full of several coaches and many other polite, friendly, helpful and compassionate riders who love to share information and help each other. It’s definitely worth being a member of the MCrider forum!

  • Michael says:

    I found MCRider some time ago and after perusing a ton of motorcycle “training” channels on YouTube, I always found myself returning to Kevin and MCRider. The only other one I found that I really liked was Dave over at Canyon Chasers. Betwixt the two of them, I think they’ve both covered every topic I’ve ever thought of and many I hadn’t thought of. Those two guys have done more to improve my skills as a motorcycle pilot than all others resources combined!!

    If you want straight up great training and information with no BS and chest-beating testosterone-filled nonsense, go visit MCRider and Canyon Chasers! You WILL become a better rider or you’re just not paying attention.

    Ride well!

  • RMD1960 says:

    Thanks for sharing your list! Kevin Morris at MCrider is my favorite with CanyonChasers and Motojitsu right behind him. Gteat resources!

  • Randy 'Steam' Stevens says:

    Thanks for the list.

    I don’t ride off road any longer but your street riding recommendations are spot on. MCRider’s forums offer a huge wealth of riding knowledge. I honestly believe the best riders in the world hang out there. I’ve been riding for more than 45 years and I’ve learned a great deal from the pros on those forums.

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