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To the North Pole on a Sport Bike

By 09.04.20202 Comments

I came across this article on advpulse. It describes the story of Sjaak Lucassen. A Dutch adventurer aiming to go to the North Pole… on a Yamaha R1. It was exactly what I needed to read in this COVID-19 infested times. It’s a story about preparation, about looking forward, about (extreme) adventure riding, and most of all, about making dreams come true.

Sjaak wants to leave on his journey early 2021. I don’t know if that’s going to happen given the current situation in the world. He still has lots of preparation to do. If you want to know more, I definitely recommend the advpulse article. It’s a very nice read and definitely something different from most of the news today. Here’s a link to Sjaak’s own website as well.



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  • Callum Houston says:

    Hey guys

    Absolutely love the app. I’ve been planning and preparing routes and trips during lockdown, including my near on 5000 mile trip for the day the world returns to normal, that was however until I went to the dark side and got an Android phone. Are there any plans to have the app on android?
    Hope your all keeping safe during lockdown.
    Best wishes


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