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Things you probably did not know about motorcycles

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I have been riding motorcycles for 26 years now and am still going strong. For the last couple years I have been writing about it too and bit by bit I am becoming more knowledgeable. But when I read this crazy article I discovered that there were quite some funny facts that I had no idea about. Link at the bottom of this article.

Have a look at the longest motorcycle in the world

Perfect light reading material for when you take a break from work. Here is a bunch of crazy fats that you can use to become the life of the party: Did you know that the world’s longest motorcycle is 86 ft 3 in (26.29 m) long?

Did you know that modern sport bike tires don’t contain any natural rubber anymore? The tread of a tire is now composed of only synthetic rubber, which has been compounded to give a compromise between durability and traction.

Indiana lawmakers had the brilliant idea to oblige motorcyclists to stop for 120 seconds (2 minutes) at a red stop light. The stop light can be treated as an extreme stop sign. No wonder the law was nicknamed “The Dead Red” law. I don’t know how many lost their life because of it.

How much distance can a single rider cover in 24 hour? A South African did over 2000 miles (3200km) in one single day back in 2014. Do you think you own a fast bike? Rocky Robinson would most definitely have out-raced you when he set the record on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah: 376 miles per hour (605kmh).

photocredit revistamoto

Carmaker Dodge once produced a 500 horsepower motorcycle. It is the motorcycle you can see above. They went for over half a million dollars each. Perhaps a bit too pricey because they sold only 9 of them. This and much more in the easy to read article on

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