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Storing your motorcycle

By 03.11.20208 Comments

A dusty tent cloth is draped over my KTM 1090 Adventure R for lack of a better alternative. Long and sunny days are taking their toll on the bodywork as the dry season starts here in Mexico.

My recent move to the Mexican mountainside has not been fantastic for my motorbike as I lack a place to store the bike inside. A typical Mexican makeshift shelter would be the easiest and cheapest way to keep the bike safe, but browsing on the web, I just found this alternative.

If any of you has experienced the same situation, all tips would be welcome.




  • CHipper146 says:

    This is what I used for 5 years prior to biulding a garage.

  • Phat says:

    My friend had a cheaper idea like what was posted above…it wasn’t a Bike Barn. On a windy day the fabric was able to be abrasive against his paint and leave a fairly big scar…just a word of caution that it’s probably worth going for the more expensive ones! I did notice the Bike Barn has metal poles on the side so looks like the fabric couldn’t touch the bike, so probably not a problem for that model! Quality is important, lol!

  • Jindrich says:

    My “home made” alternative 🙂

  • Rod says:

    I use this: It’s been outside in New England for five years and it’s doing fine.

  • TallDutch says:

    My issue also. But no-one has ever thought of making something that would fit an Africa Twin Adventure Sports (1,85 cms height when on the center stand). It’s already hard to find a proper cover for my bike, let alone some form of movable shelter.
    I like the homemade version a few posts above, but unfortunately I do not have any free space for it.

  • simon martin says:

    Thanks for this amazing blog post.

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