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Motorcycle Touring: Things to take on Long Rides

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For people who love to embark on an adventure, motorcycle touring can be an excellent idea. While riding long distances it’s important to have the right kind of motorcycle, which should have the features that are necessary for long range riding. Also, you need to make sure that you have the right gear with you. In this article, I will discuss some of the most important items that you should not miss.


Bluetooth Headset

When you are riding in an unfamiliar region, you can use your phone to help you in navigation. With this, a Bluetooth headset will allow you to hear the direction hands-free, which is a lot safer than staring at your screen instead of the road. Also, this will allow you to take a call while riding without having the need for your hand to touch your phone. You can even use it to listen to music.


First-Aid Kit

Never leave your place without packing a first aid kit. You probably/hopefully won’t need it on 95% of your rides, but if you do and you don’t have it, well…. You do not need to have a big box. You just have to bring the essentials, including gauzes, disinfectants, scissors, and tweezers for example. You’ll never know what can happen while you are on the road, which is why it is best to be prepared.


Extra Gloves

You might think that the gloves you are wearing will suffice. Yes, it may be enough, but not at all times, especially when you’re going for longer multi-day tours. There are instances where they might break for example, but more importantly the weather might change on the way. It can be quite uncomfortable and painful riding with summer gloves in the cold.


Portable Battery Pack

In an age that is defined by smartphones and digital technologies, I am sure that many of you won’t like having an empty phone battery. When on the road, this means that you can no longer take calls, listen to music, or use your navigation tool. As USB connection on your bike, or if you don’t have/want this, an external battery pack could be a good alternative. Nowadays, they are designed in small size and weight will be minimal, yet they pack a surprisingly amount of power.


Physical Map

Even if you have your smartphone with you, it’s probably a good idea to have a physical map as well. There are some instances where mobile data/gps reception is weak or worse, non-existent. Or, your battery might die or your phone might even break down, etc. You never know. So, an actual printed map could be a nice backup in those circumstances.


GPS Navigation Tool

We are living in a technologically-advanced world. This can make motorcycle touring easier for you, especially if your sense of direction is, well, not as developed ;-). A GPS Navigation solution, like a smartphone app or a dedicated specialized motorcycle GPS unit can relieve a lot ‘way-finding’ stress, or even help you to find those special curvy roads.


Flat Repair Kit

With the uncertainties that can confront you during motorcycle touring, it is recommended that you always prepare for the worst. One thing that can possibly happen is a flat tire. Especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere, having a good repair kit with you can be a life saver. If you take one, make sure to familiarize yourself on how it’s.


Rain Suit

As you know, long distance motorcycle touring can be unpredictable. I guess that’s one of the reasons why we ride. Exploring and adventure. Especially the weather can be unpredictable, so having a rain suite with you is probably a good idea. Keeping dry (and warm) is vital for your comfort.



This is one thing that many people forget. The heat of the sun can be harsh. It will hurt your skin and can cause irritation. Sunblock prevents this, if you have it with you J. While you might always be wearing your jacket and helmet, during stops and breaks it could come in handy.


Hydration Bladder

Dehydration is one of the hazards when riding long distances during a hot day. To avoid exhaustion, a hydration bladder is a nice solution. It has a convenient design that will make it easy to drink water while not having to stop.



As obvious as it may sound, don’t forget a good lock. Depending on the region you’re riding a lock could come in handy during short stops that you will make and/or if you’re on a multi day ride, to lock your bike down at night. Even if it’s not absolutely necessary, a lock, you can give you peace of mind that the motorcycle will not be prone to get stolen. Also, you can use a lock to protect the contents of your saddlebags or panniers safe. Just make sure it’s strong enough and that thieves will not be able to easily break it.


Author Bio: Ronald Bounds

My name is Ronald Bounds, founder and editor in chief here at Motorcycle Helmet Center. We are enthusiastic about speed and travel. The Motorcycle Helmet Website is built to introduce the best, newest motorcycle accessories for you. We help you to choose motorcycle accessories for yourself without much time.





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  • Richard says:

    Great stuff you offer dealing with motocycles. Having not grown up with computers – starting out riding all things British – your efforts in reviewing smart phone GPS type apps is very helpful.
    You go into great detail in what an app offers, or not, and I don’t wish to assume, but do all map apps have voice nav unless you point out a particular app does not offer voice directions.
    Come to think of it, if I down load a map saving data charges, how would the system know where I am at any given point?
    Didn’t mean to go the long way around the barn here but again, thanks much for you efforts here…

    • Guido says:

      Hi Richard,

      Your phone has a gps receiver. This is seperate from a data connection. It works even when you don’t have a data connection.

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