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Moto Intel Report

Moto Intel Report – July 19, 2019

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Scenic Beta Started! A Epic ‘Death Wish’ Ride! Most brutal bike of 2019! Casual Riding Boots! GoPro HERO 7! Sturgis!

July 19, 2019


Lots of us are going away with the familiy for summer holidays, having to leave our bike behind :(. The more lucky ones go on a big motorcycle trip. I’m jealous of you 🙂 Whatever you do this summer. Have fun and enjoy!

I’m very happy to announce that the beta test for Scenic’s big update has started. For the past three days around 60 volunteers have tried it out. Lots of bugs were already found and some of them already solved. As we move towards the weekend, I’m expecting more bug reports on the navigation part. Currently I have enough beta testers to keep me very busy, but should I need more later on, I’ll let you know.

Back to the normal routine, Tom, Jasper and I have got some nice reading materials for you again. Tom is dreaming about the most brutal bike of 2019 and is considering some new boots for his daily commute. Jasper takes us to our friends in the southern hemispere, where it’s winter now, for a ‘Death Wish’ ride. He is also thinking about buying a new action cam. Why? That might surprise you. And lastly, Sturgis is coming up again. Time for a small recap on that.

Now, without further ado, let’s get rolling…

Jasper, Tom & Guido


Cañon del Pato, Peru

If you ever feel like life is boring and you just have that itch to risk your life, the spectacular ride through Cañon del Pato (Duck Canyon) in Peru is exactly what you need. Deadly falling rocks throughout the entire route, extreme one lane tunnels which are being used by drunk truckers with no headlights as well as vertigo-inducing depths of up to 1000m (3300ft). describes it vividly here.



Sturgis 2019

Sturgis is the biggest motorcycle festival in the U.S. This year, from August 2nd to the 11th, marks the 79th year in a row for the rally. Unbelievable! I’ve personally never had the opportunity to go, but it is definitely on my bucket list. 10 days of riding, food and music! What’s not to like? Have a look at the official website to see the artist line up, the planned rides for this year and many many more things!


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MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro

It’s good to have dreams… and it’s even better to fulfill them.

When I was 13 years old, my uncle bought himself a brand new customized MV Agusta F4. Ever since, I knew I wanted to drive motorcycles too. Anno 2019, I’m driving almost 20.000 km per year (12,425mi) on the very versatile KTM 1090 Adventure R… but there’s still something left to dream about.

In my case, it’s the MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro. Priced at almost €43.000 ($48.300), this very special Brutale comes at the price of 3 Ducati Monsters 1200… but its specs are mindblowing: 212 BHP, 184 Kg (410lbs) dryweight and a 300 kmh+ (185 mph+) top speed! With no fairing, these speeds could actually blow you of the bike.

Perhaps you ask yourself, why would I want to go 300+ kmh on a naked bike? Whether you love it or hate it, the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro is probably the most brutal motorbike of 2019…

Bonus video:‘’Because you treat me like this’’

PS: If you wanted one… bad news, MV Agusta just sold out.


GoPro HERO 7

Down here in Mexico I use my helmet cam for safety and it deters cops looking for a bribe. But if you go for that magic ride with or without your mates, collecting videos that you can later share with your loved ones is just the right thing to do isn’t it? At the moment the GoPro HERO7 Black is the best action camera your money can buy. For specs check out amazon here.



Aether Motorcycle Boots

Riding motorcycles is a good way of destroying a fine pair of shoes… the carter, the shifter, the brakes and bad weather can all have a detrimental impact on the fabric/leather of your shoes.

Thus far, I have never bothered wearing special motorcycle boots for my daily commute, but when Aether brought out its new motorcycle boots, I decided to investigate. This brand is known for combining minimalist fashion with functionability … and this is their first real motorcycle boot. Is it expensive? Yes, for $595, you could buy several pairs of Timberlands, but for someone who runs from work to the bar and back and cares about appearance it could just be the right buy.

Bryan Campbell from Gearpatrol gives his verdict on them here.



Cajón del Maipo, west from Santiago, Chile.

This picture was sent in by Claudio from Chile. While most of us are riding in the high temperatures of the northern hemisphere right now, on the other side of the globe, the winter permits Claudio to ride on a snowy mountains in the Andes!

What’s your most beautiful / funny / crazy motorcycle pic? Share it with us and it might be featured in the next Moto Intel Report. Here you can find al submitted pics.



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